Wednesday, July 27, 2005

WIP Wednesday

Hey all! I actually have a WIP in progress to report today. I'm working on Chelle's Lacy Shell Tank Top for Elena in Cotton-ease Sugarplum. I think it's going to be a bit too big (story of my crochet life, everything is too big or too small), but that's okay for school or perhaps next year. I plan to start the bathing suit wrap from Crochet Me! in microspun-I hope I have enough.

I went to AC Moore yesterday to check out some clearance stuff I read about on C'ville board. Apparently, it was over the weekend, sidewalk sale, etc. Poop. I only bought some stuff for Elena to do. I also checked out Michael's, same thing. I think I am becoming a bit of a yarn snob, although I was checking out the Sugar N Cream colors and they only had "blah" colors at both stores, so I passed. I have so many WIM, but not enough of the "right" yarn. I need several skeins of TLC Amore for one project, but don't feel like putting out the $20.00 now for it. I also saw TLC has a cotton blend yarn, TLC Cotton Plus, but it's not as thick as the Cotton-Ease and sure doesn't have the same bright colors. It had some nice colors, but nothing "girly". I did pick up a skein of Red Heart SS (eye roll here please) in Bikini. It's hot pink, orange, bright yellow and turquoise-perfect colors for Elena and of course, she adored it. I may make her the Ella shrug-one skein should do it. It was hot as all get out yesterday, excessive heat warnings, high humidity and generally just ungodly. Today is the same, so perhaps that's what has me kinda blah. Even with the A/C, I was sweating my ass off (which in a way I wish was true), must be a hormonal thing. Tonight we are supposed to have severe thunderstorms bringing in 79 degree weather--I can only hope.

The Michaels extra day at Craft Camp was yesterday. Elena made a decoupaged clay pot. They decided not to have class Friday, which is just as well, I spend too damn much money killing time there.

The Christmas in July is coming to a close. It was a fun round for all-very enthusiastic and I'm already looking forward to December's round. I'm sure most will be sorry it's over, me included. I loved the camaraderie.

I have my Summer Secret Pal package all boxed up and will be shipping it off on Saturday. I'm less than unenthusiastic about it cause my SP I was sending too wasn't very enthusiastic about the whole thing (she doesn't read my blog, so she doesn't know what I'm saying). The SP who was supposed to be my SP dropped off the face of the earth, never to be heard from again. She was a newcomer and I think just had the 40 posts. I totally get the "holding off on swaps" thing at C'ville and I do think you should be a member for a certain amount of time and need a certain amount of posts. Some people have been members a while, just don't post much. I am looking forward to the "Sistah Swap" though (we need a button).

Elena has storytime at the library today. It should be at it's peak of hotness when we leave, so I'm not thrilled, but she is and that's what counts. Hopefully the storm activity will allow for us to swim after storytime. I hope so. Because of Aunt Flo, I haven't gotten in the pool for a few days due to "blahness". Today, I would like to.

I should really get off line now, too much to do, but not enough umph to do it.....


ThreeOliveMartini said...

i agree the sistah swap DOES need a button.. and whoever is in charge of that .. please dont make it pink!! LOL

sound like you have been busy ..

have a great day !

my madness is over so i am finally relaxing

MrsFife said...

Please, please, please, what is a "sistah swap"? Will you be swapping siblings? I have a very nice one...but on second thoughts, I don't think I'll swap her, if you don't mind!

Stacey said...

You're in the northeast? You probably will have nicer weather tomorrow. The vicious afternoon thunderstorms came through here (Ohio) two days in a row, and then today all of a sudden the heat has broken. It was about 80 when I got up, mid-70s now. I know from talking to my mom (in Boston) that they usually see our weather a day or two later, so you can be reasonably assured that some nicer weather is coming your way :)

The Shrone said...

Please send your unwanted heat my way. It's been too cold for my blood! I'll take thunderstorms, too! Tee-hee!

We do need a button but Nat is away on vacation, I think.

Marla said...


Please don't give up on Secret pals... you never know... you could get a great pal the next round!!

Sounds like you've had a busy last couple of days.... love the tank top on Elena!!

Keep us updated on the Sistah Swap!!!

PBnJ said...

noooooooooooooooooooo!!!! we can't lose you to the ranks of the snobs! i beg of you, LMAO!

i can understand being snobish about the look and feel of a fiber, just not the brand. who cares who makes it if you like it??

i understand about the swap wait time, you really need to make sure people are going to stick with projects like that and not drop out a week into it.

hmmm what's the sistah swap? if it is indeed a sibling swap... i'll have to pass, hehe. i have a sis, but im not mean enough to push her off on any of my friends, lol. and i have a lil' bro (only 10) that's just too cute to give up.

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