Wednesday, July 06, 2005

WIP Wednesday

Ah, still trying to find that swimsuit cover up/tie on side skirt. The one at Crochet Me may be the answer, with tweaking.

Not on WIP! But, I do fully intend to start some blankets and pillows for the VLA at Monster Crochet. Once I'm finished them, I think I'll make a tank and a halter for Elena. She doesn't like to wear them too much because she claims they "cause to much attention on her", which "embarrasses her in public". She's only 5, what does the future hold for Miss Fussykins?

I really want to start some blankets for the NICU this week, as well as some shelter lovies.

I also have been perusing Cool Crochet and 24 Hour Crochet Projects and have some projects marked there to make.

Well, the VLA needs me, so I shall toil away at their gear!

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ladylinoleum said...

And the veggies thank you Deneen!!!!

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