Thursday, July 21, 2005

Thursdays Post

Catchy title huh???? It's gonna be hot again, not as humid, but darn hot. The pool was up to 90 degrees yesterday at 5:30. Not very refreshing, to say the least. Of course, Elena thought it was great. Her great quote yesterday was (as she climbed on an inflatable alligator to float around the pool) "I am a grown up lady and I love to ride things". Should I be scared??? Also, the other day we were driving somewhere and I was talking to Elena and missed my turn. I decided to take a different route to where we were going. Being the little neurotic she is, Elena asked me "Are you lost?" "How are you going to find our way there?". I proceeded to tell her that we were not lost, I would find the way, I never get lost (do I?), and finally don't worry, I know everything. She literally barked back at me "You do not know everything!". I answered, "Yes I do, tell me what I don't know". She thought for about 15 seconds and came back with "You don't know what you don't know you don't know" (Did this make sense to you?). She so damn smart, she scares me a lot with this.

Anyway, story time went well, they read six books, did two crafts and had a snack. We then went for water ice afterwards. She can't wait til next week already.

I tried reading a bit last night, my attention is elsewhere, although I'm not sure where. The Ella is going along smoothly.

I'm having dinner with my mother tonight. Enough said.

Mike is on a business trip in New York for an overnight. Elena is sad he's gone, but already called dibs on his side of the bed for tonight. I shall never get a chance to stretch out in my own bed ever again. I forgot about the trip til he reminded me. I can be so scatterbrained when it comes to that stuff. He has a trip to Boston for business for 5 nights the second week of August. I swear he scheduled it to get out of taking Elena to the 4-H Fair on the 12th. It's kids wristband day and she must ride the ferris wheel 100 times screaming "I'm Alice in Wonderland". She loves the animal part too. Last year I was there for 5 hours. I hope it's not too hot this year. I love going too. I've gone since I was a kid, was in 4-H and try to go every year. Before Elena, I volunteered and worked the ice cream booth one year. I guess it's sort of a tradition for me.

I managed to mail out 5 packages yesterday, RAOK/Christmas ones. Woo-hoo. I know I'll be mailing til the 31st.

I did return Linda's phone call yesterday. Her answering machine was full and disconnected me at "Hi, it's me. I suck.........", almost sounded like a porn service at the cut off. She called back, I wasn't home. She left a message, "Deneen, I think I got a message from you". Funny how she knew it was me, it musta been the potty mouth. Anyway, I will try back today. I want to see her. She's preggers and due in September and I haven't seen her the whole pregnancy, although I've talked to her several times. Our daughters are 2 days apart and her other daughter is 1 year 6 days apart from Elena and during the school year, the kids were on different school schedules. Plus she moved about 35 miles away, which isn't far, but for a quick visit, it's kinda out of the way. Okay, she lives way in the boonies in a direction I never travel, so each visit is carefully mapped out. I will try to see her next week. I wanted to get together today or tomorrow, but Aunt Flo is due and I get so bitchy and icky that I thought it was better next week. At least with Linda, I don't have to clean up my house (okay, I straighten it out, but you know what I mean). My house is kid lived in/mommy crochets lived in, as is hers(not the crochet part, but the kid part), so it's never uncomfortable even if it's a pop in.

I need more coffee.........


Natalie said...

"...I love to ride things!" That's one for the books. Absolutely freakin hysterical - I laughed out loud.

Good luck with the mom dinner...

Sara said...

I'm so behind on all my blogs! I just did a quick peruse of the 9(!) posts of yours that I've missed!

Elena is awesome and eerily smart (you don't know what you don't know)

Good luck with mom!

Donna said...

From the mouths of babes...your post made me laugh out loud again. Elena is hilarious, and she had a point about what you don't know you don't know(ha!).

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