Monday, July 11, 2005

Thank You Crochetville Elf

I received a wonderful surprise in the mail today from Vicki. Four beautiful skeins of Cotton-Ease in Popsicle Blue. I am so excited. I feel awful feeling so desperate for this stuff. I didn't start using it til I found out they were discontinuing it and I adore it. It works up so nicely, washes nicely, great colors. Lion, those rat bastards! Of course, no one near me has carried it for over a year. My Joanns never did carry it. I don't have a Tuesday Morning and bah-humbug!

Anyway, thank you so much!! I appreciate this more than you will ever know!!


ladylinoleum said...


Jewels said...

damn, this Cotton-Ease is the "Mel Gibson" of the yarn world. I have only seen pictures of it, never seen it in person, and never fondled it. Yep, just like me and Mel Gibson, LMAO
That popsicle blue is realllll perttttty.

Joy said...

We have a Tuesday Morning here, they carry yarn?! I must go investigate! :)

Sedie said...

Very pretty! Have fun with the project you choose to make!

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