Sunday, July 10, 2005

Social Sunday

For someone as anti-social as I claim I am, we are having a houseload of company again. Perhaps I'm not as anti-social as I think, although going out in crowds is one of my "most hated" things.

I'm working on the socks and I realized I will be about 1/2 ounce short of yarn. Anyone have any Lion Brand Magic Stripes lying around? I think the colorway is "purple". It's black, white, royal blue and purple. Of course I will pay for the 1/2 ounce (sounds like high school). I looked for this today, but it's summer and wool blend sock yarn isn't a big seller now :p.

To answer Sharon's question, yes, my mother has a twin, but she's here in Jersey and isn't anyones step-mom.

Off to get ready for the houseload! Have a great day! (Supposed to be 92 here today)


jess said...

I'm positive I have a ball of that colorway ... unused currently. I can send it up... oh and I know my AC Moore has it. :) Just let me know if you want it!

Jessi said...

Well, have fun with your house of company!!! 91 here today...ick!

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