Tuesday, July 12, 2005

RAOK, Christmas in July and Thank You packages

I received a bunch of Puffy's today and was thrilled with them all.

As a RAOK, Sedie sent me some scrumptious Sugar and Spice Soap from the Body Shop which smells divine-my husband tried to say he was using it, but I'll beat him to it (we have separate soap dishes). She also send me a planner for 2005/2006 and a nice card. I appreciate the thoughts girl!

Next, for Christmas in July, I received a crocheted wallet and a handmade beaded lanyard necklace from Melissa for hanging your Clover yarn or thread cutter from. It is a brilliant idea. Click her name to link to her blog where she has pics of some of the other gorgeous ones she made. She will also do special orders. Mine is made from glass fiber optic cat's eye beads, cobalt blue colored glass hearts and pearls. It's gorgeous.

Then Vicki sent Elena a tiny little baby doll. Of course, Elena was so excited about there being "non-yarn" mail. Anyway, there's not a picture because he was sleeping and I was ordered not to disturb him.

Finally, a thank you from the VLA and Regina for my crocheted contribution to their cause. If you don't know what I am talking about, run to Regina's site, Monster Crochet. She is ultra-talented, ultra-smart, ultra-funny and so cool! She sent me autographed trading cards of all her fab veggies! I loved reading their stats and am saving them for when Regina becomes rich and famous so I can cash in on her success!

So, look at the pics and enjoy! I did and am thankful for everything my friends!


Sedie said...

Hey Deneen, you are so very welcome!

ladylinoleum said...

You're cracking me up! Um, you may be holding onto those cards for a REALLY REALLY long time...

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