Saturday, July 09, 2005

My daughter, the chocoholic!

When did this happen? Two months ago, I couldn't get any food into her. A month ago, she was eating again, but the same stuff, now she won't stop eating. Her new found love, chocolate. I was never much of a chocolate eater till I reached about 30 and even then, a little here, a little there--unless I had PMS and, you know.

Anyway, my daughter popped a Hershey's Kiss in her mouth last week. I fully anticipated the "Mom, can I spit this out?". Nothing, then a moan, I swear. She now swears she adores chocolate, plain mild chocolate. Don't try with any krispies or any nuts, plain, unadulterated Hershey's Mild Chocolate Bars. She has also found Chocolate Caramel Ho-Ho's to be quite tasty. Last week, I received my dishcloth swap package and in it was a few bags of M & M's-Elena ate them. Then I received a Christmas in July package with a Trader Joe's Milk Chocolate Bar in it. Elena begged for some and then ate the whole thing moaning (yes, moaning) and telling me "WOW! I think this is the good stuff". I cannot believe it. My mother claims tastes change for kids around this age and I have to admit, I am shocked! I only ate white chocolate as a kid, preferring kid type candies. Elena, no, she's going for the good stuff!

Crochet news: I am working on a pair of socks (am I insane, it's supposed to go up to 90 tomorrow. I received some Magic Stripes yarn and it kept staring at me from the box. I would put it under something and I swear, it would fight it's way up and just stare at me. So, I went to Crochet Me!, printed up the pattern and am sitting with a "gasp" f hook (small litter bugger too!). I fashioned a cushiony handle from Model Magic stuff a while ago and it's working out well. I'll have to get more and do the other small hooks I just received. It's not pretty or fancy, but it's cushy (kinda like me) and that's all that matters.

Back to hooking and pool vac (yes, I sat down and thought about the pool vac and somehow I rigged it to work right. It's not how the directions say to do it, but it wasn't working the way they said. I had a choice, figure it out or call the pool place. So, after 24 hours of contemplation, I figured out a way to make it work. Unfortunately, it keeps getting stuck on the steps, so I have to go out and move it once in a while.)

My husband is in an icky mood today and really is annoying me with his bad vibes. The dead animal in the wall still has a stink once in a while and it's happening now. I bought some Lavender stuff to put under the toilet against the wall where he had the nerve to die. Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't. This is a doesn't time, ugh. I wish it would decompose and just stop annoying me so. See, the bad vibes are trying to grab a hold of me! I must stop them. More later.

Have a happy weekend!


Joy said...

Regarding your comment about dye-ing...

My DAD would have just died too, as he is a former English teacher! Eeek! ;)

Stacey said...

Dunno if anyone else has suggested this, but you might try leaving an open container of coffee (ground, not brewed LOL) near the stench. I've done that in the fridge when I've gone away without clearing out the fridge first and come back to something awful--works better and faster than baking soda. Charcoal is good, too.

Marvie said...

Hey is there an access point behind your tub? Or someplace in your bathroom at least? I seem to recal lots of older homes had a little spot where you could get to the pipes in the walls for repairs etc. If you have one then you can fling some charcoal or whatever in there to help combat the smell (lime works even better, get it in the garden center) if you dont have an access point, is there a way you can get to that wall in the attic and maybe sprinkle something down there? (Just some thoughts I had)

As for what your mom said about kids tastes changing about this age.... well I hate to say it but your mom is correct lol. Everyone's tastes change about every seven years (dont remember where I read it, but when I saw your post it flashed in my head)

Hope the bad vibes change soon hun, it's the same in my house, when hubby is feeling evil we ALL know it rofl.


Cindy said...

Okay, now I want some chocolate!

Sending you good vibes and big hugs!!!!

Rebecca said...

hmmm, i agree with the coffee idea.
send elena my way... she is just my kind of girl. we'll hang out a while and eat chocolate - and yes, the good stuff from the chocolatier ----yummmy!
the absolute BEST recipe for truffles is by wolfgang puck (look for it on the foodnetwork site)

Kimberly said...

Elena's next trip should be to Europe!! After living in Belgium, I've been Chocolate spoiled! Between the Belgian chocolate and the Swiss Chocolate I've been in heaven! My emergency stash consists of two bars of Godiva in my fridge!! Yup, I'm spoiled ;-)

Jessi said...

Oh yea, Elena's a smart right to the good stuff. Who can blame her? Not me. Hope that stank clears up in your house soon, and that good vibes come your way!

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