Friday, July 08, 2005

Mind Draining Friday

Today has been rush, rush, rush all just to eat lunch.

I was cornered into going to lunch with my mom today. My sister-in-law came with her parents, who are visiting the US for the first time from China. I had a buffer!!!!!!

Of course, the meal took 20 phone calls and one errand to complete, but I survived. I want to curl up and go to sleep now, my head hurts and I have a strange buzzing in my ears.

I went to my moms to pick her up and meet Angela (SIL). As usual, Angela was 40 minutes late, which meant I had 39 minutes of bitching and moaning about how Angela is always late. I wish I had been late.

Anyway, we go in to have lunch and we all sit down. Now, Angela's Mom, June, is completely and utterly enthralled with Elena. She has never seen hair like Elena, not skin tone, etc. June and Edward (Angela's dad) and always gently touching her hair, touching her skin and generally passing her back and forth like a little doll. She's okay with it for about 2 minutes and then gets this look on her face like she wants to scream and run away, but is too polite to do it, but wants anyone to save her.

So now, Elena is being poked and prodded by June and Angela accidentally knocks the spoon at Elena's place setting on the floor. I pick it up and put it next to my plate because I know Elena won't need a tablespoon for the meal. My mother, now get this, snatches it up and switches it with a clean spoon on another unused table. I am appalled. I quietly whisper "Ew, don't do that, I'll just tell the waitress". I am told to "Knock it off and get off my high horse". I didn't know being conscientious of someone using a dirty floor spoon was high horsedness (I know it's not a word, sounds cool though), I thought it was considerate and a sanitary consideration. I just bit my tongue and grabbed the spoon later.

My mother insisted on paying for the entire meal. I agreed to pay the tip. The entire lunch bill was something like $60.00. I gave the waitress a $15.00 tip-I gave it to her, didn't leave it on the table. I must have been asked 100 times about the tip. I told my mother "I gave it to the waitress because she had to break a $20 for me-so instead of leaving it on the table, I just took $5 back". This is what was said "Are you sure???". Now, I have waitressed and bartended before and never have I ever stiffed anyone......Are you sure? Yes, Miss 10%, I am sure.

Angela went to the mall and I took my mom home. Elena begged to go in. I said 10 minutes. I sat on the recliner and listened to a litany of remarks about "How much money my brother spent the past two weeks", "How Angela looks much better with bangs". "blah-blah-blah"-I felt my eyelids lowering. I'm almost asleep, with a throw pillow blocking my mother's view of my face when, "We should do lunch again next Friday, I'm off every Friday in the Summer". My eyes snap open and guess what, I don't have an excuse. Well, I had something like, Elena has craft camp next week from 9:30-11:30 AM. Perfect she tells me, you can stop by on your way home from craft camp. Aaargh........I was cornered again. I felt like a helpless kitten being cornered by a rabid dog. I had no where to go! I told Elena, "C'mon honey, get your shoes on and clean up, I have to get home". My mother must have mentioned it 10 times and I don't think I ever finalized it. I drove home dazed and confused. I had trapped myself. The mindless nodding of my head had caught up with me---

I know it sounds rotten, she's my mom and I appreciate her for that, but I cannot take two Friday afternoons in a row, I can't. The negativity, the whining (okay, that's what I'm doing now, but you don't have to "hear" it), the one-upping, the subtle "mothering" hints, etc. Oh no, my left eye is now twitching.....

I forgot one of the funniest things, Elena brought a stuffed hippo she received from Christmas in July on Crochetville. My mother says to me, "I would get sick of getting surprises in the mail". WTF does that mean? I love giving gifts and I try to be generous, but who doesn't like being thought of, even with a card. It feels good to receive postcards, etc in the mail, it means someone is thinking of me--insanity or jealousy, you decide!

I can only say one thing and that is SHIT!!!!!!

Silver lining, I'll find one, just give me some time. I'm sure there's one there, somewhere, I just have to dig a bit.

Must run, ended up losing half a day sitting in a restaurant wishing I was home, doing checklists of things I wanted to get done today in my head and sneaking off to the bar to catch CNN for updates on London (you thought I was going to say sneaking shots didn't you???!!!)

Oh yes, Regina, I finished up some VLA gear and will send it out by Monday. I don't want to post a pic because I want you to be mortified in person, no hints or clues. However, once you recieve the items, please let me know what else I can make. I am hopelessly clueless as to what the vegetables need to stay comfortable while serving.

Silver lining, I got to eat the best garlic bread on the east coast and spend time with my SIL's parents, which was nice.


ladylinoleum said...

Your mom sounds like a piece of work...take some Excedrin.

Ooooooh, can't wait to get their gear. As soon as I receive it, I will take pics and post...should be fun! Thanks Deneen!

Jewels said...

yoiks...yep, that negativity would be tough to take I must say. I know it's not a help, but put a piece of tin foil in your purse, and when you need to, just touch it discretely under the lunch table and do a silent mantra "silver lining, silver lining"..and you'll get through it. Or else you have to learn to tell lies, haha,...however I'm thinking Elena is too smart, she'd bust ya every time on that, LOL.

Kathy said...

Do you have someone who could call you with an 'emergency'? say one that would have you have to eat and run?

Sedie said...

oh Deneen, I wish I could offer some good advice on how to get out of going with your mom, but I too am very bad at lying. . . I'm sending you strength!

Thanks for the idea on photobucket, I'm going to look into it. Thanks also for the pattern for the sweater, it looks really cute and I think I'll take your idea of using simply soft (I really love working with that yarn).

Sharon said...

Does your mom have a twin sister? She sounds a ton like my mom. I can't wait to leave her house when we go there, sad but true.

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