Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Mega Mail Day!

Today was a ginormous mail day here. I received my tea swap package from Faith, some yarn from my yarn swap partner (the same Faith), two Christmas in July Packages and my Dishcloth Swap package from Karla! Feast or famine here.

My tea swap package contained a plethora of teas, flavored, spiced, Chai, herbal, Iced Tea bags-enough to last me about 2 months! Faith also made a nice, thick hot pad in a melange of greens (matched my kitchen perfectly!)

She included two balls of novelty yarn called Samba Rio in sunshine yellow. I think they need some Flip flops! She's my yarn swap partner too (2 different moderators, just a freak) so she decided to prolong the wait for more yarn.

I also received a huge box of fabric, batik (love it), silk, satin, blends, etc. for lining my fulled bags, etc. This is such a windfall for me because I usually end up buying Wal-Mart marked down remnants. Thank you Connie!

Next, from Kimberly (the one in Belgium), some squares for my "secret project", some fancy chocolates that are already gone, a Kitchen Helper pattern booklet, stickers for Elena (always a hit) and a nice card!

Thank you both!!

Finally, my dishcloth swap partner, Karla sent out three pretty dishcloths and a few bags of M & M's (which Elena swiped before the pic could be taken). I use these in the tub for baths, not the sink in the kitchen. They seem too pretty to use on dirty dishes, but a guess a dirty booty is no better, but they feel so luxurious and look so darn fancy!!!

Thank you all!!!!!


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You made out like a bandit!

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