Thursday, July 21, 2005

Mail goodies!

Misfit (Swapna) sent me a package out for the Christmas In July Swaps many moons ago and it made it to the USA today. Okay, the envelope had been opened and I assume the contents studied, then resealed in a plastic bag. All was intact and I do wish I had seen Customs face when it was full of clear ziplocs of Christmas in July Notes and goodies.

Swapna included a ziploc for me and Elena. I received a beautiful doily, which matched my decor perfectly. Elena received some bindis, the jewels for the forehead. She seemed to understand what I was talking about as I explained it, but then felt two would really be pretty, one over each eyebrow. She adored them. Thank you so much for thinking of us.

Each pic is clickable (ignore Elena's hair please, she was swimming and refuses to brush out her hair afterwards)


Marla said...

How cute Elena!! You look so grown up! At least you're swimming Deneen! My dad's still trying to get the leak in his pool straightened out. *jealous*

Thanks for being so supportive on my blog.

Donna said...

One over each eyebrow, I love it! She is hilarious and soooo cute.

Jewels said...

nice doily work!! Elena will enjoy hearing the bindi story when she's a grownup, haha...cute.

The Shrone said...

Elena is just too cute! I think you should have called her Nermal! What a pip!

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