Monday, July 04, 2005

Happy 4th of July!

I sit here writing after a long four day weekend. My husband decided to take Friday off also and just hang out and do some stuff here. Well, we finally got the pool ladder up!!!!! Of course, we were having company Sunday, so I took the "Glider" self-vac out to do the pool. It didn't work. The minute all was hooked up, the pump stopped working properly. Shit I say. So I get the cheap hose and vac that came with the pool, set that one up and jump in the pool. Again, no suction! Mike and I worked on it for an hour, read through three direction sheets, did all the troubleshooting, no go! I have to call the pool company back tomorrow (cripes) and tell them what's going on. I know we were doing it as per the directions, etc. This pool thing stinks!

Anyway, my mom took Elena to some festivities in her town Saturday so Mike and I went to Lowe's to pick up some much needed yard crap. Mulch, treated lumber and 500 lbs of play sand. The poor Element was straining. We were sweating and in pain from our poor, unfit bodies lugging all this stuff around. One good thing though, we bought two wool 5' x 7" area rugs, nice ones, marked $178 and $148 for $25.00 each.

Anyway, we also had a cookout on Sunday with a friend of Mike's and his three boys. Ages 6,4 and 1. I am not used to boys-that's all I'm gonna say about that.

We hung out today, set up Elena's sandbox (we bought this beautiful canopied wood one last year that had a snap on cover. Elena adores the sandbox more than anything. Anyway, one night I didn't cover it-the neighbors barn cats peed and pooped all over in the thing. Elena was not allowed near it and there it sat.

Finally, I convinced Mike to help me throw out all the sand toys in the box, move the box and refill it with fresh sand. It took 500 lbs of sand, but it's done and she's thrilled. Now, in a different corner of my yard I have a 500 lb rectangle kitty litter area I must shovel up and dispose of. Ugh, it's not like it's my cat either.

We swam all weekend, I am pleasantly tired and sun-kissed. I really rarely burn, or if I do it only lasts a day. Elena's hair is getting lighter from the sun too. I have to say though, today is the first day all my muscles weren't screaming in agony. I haven't swum consistently in years and my body has been screaming, plus all the climbing, etc. With the lupus, I shouldn't be in the sun, so I try to sit in the shade a lot, etc. It still drains me if I'm in the sun too much and I tend to get tired and stiffen up. I guess I'll have to buck up and toughen it out.

Crochet, you say?? I worked on a sarong this weekend and 3/4 through, I didn't like how it was working up and frogged the whole darn thing! I'm doing some baby washcloths tonight to add to the blanket gift I made last week.

Oh, for all you Lexmark printer users (Regina, Ro, etc). I wrote to them via email. I told them I was tired of having cartridge problems less than a month after putting in a new one. I was sick of cleaning the cartridge bottoms every 5 days, I was sick of spending $37.99 for a cartridge that lasted less than 500 pages of printed material (no photos or anything). Of course, they sent me the whole trouble shooting guide and asked me to try it. Of course, I had already done every damn thing on the list, but I waited a few days and wrote back and told them "no go"-the printer was garbage and I couldn't believe I would have to replace it after six months. They wrote back-they're sending me cartridges via first class mail. We shall see, I will keep you posted. BTW, I can't be the only one writing because the letter addressed to me said "Dear Charles". I don't know who Charles is and I don't care, just get my addy right and I'll be happy.

Hope everyone had a great holiday! I didn't go shopping or anything (except Lowe's and I consider shopping there non-shopping. It's like dragging Mike to the yarn store-he doesn't consider it shopping for him there either).

Hugs to all--


Jewels said...

LOL, maybe "Charles" crochets and prints patterns too? Now I don't want you to try and trick Mike into going to the yarn store by saying, "Oh come on Mike, you know Charles would go to the yarn store with me", LMAO....ok, permission to slap me now, haha

Heather said...

Well, who ever Charles is, I hope he will help you with dishes and laundry!

Im so sorry this whole pool thing has been the shits for you guys!!!

Kari said...

Maybe your printer is Charles?

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