Thursday, July 07, 2005

Evan Hunter/Ed McBain-May You Rest In Peace

Writer Evan Hunter/Ed McBain passed away yesterday at age 78 from larynx cancer. He wrote "The Blackboard Jungle" which was made into a movie in 1955 starring Sidney Portier, as well as many other books under the name Evan Hunter.

He was also known as Ed McBain he he pioneered the police procedural genre with his 87th Precinct series, which grew to more than 50 titles as it tracked a detective squad in a gritty city not unlike Hunter's hometown of New York. Among titles in the series were Eighty Million Eyes,Widows, and Money, Money, Money.

Being an avid reader, I read almost all the 87th Precinct novels, as well as most of the novels written under the name Evan Hunter.

May you rest in peace, you will be missed.


Sara said...

I haven't read one of his books, but I know I've looked at them. I'm sad to hear he has passed away. I'll have to read the 87th books.

Cindy said...

Fresh Air played some of his past interviews that other day (or was it yesterday?). You can probably go the the NPR site to hear them if you missed it.

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