Monday, July 11, 2005

Darn Michaels!

Elena had her craft camp there today. Only four kids were there, three scheduled for tomorrow, one definitely for Wednesday. I hope more show up cause Elena loves the older kids being in there with her. She loved it, of course, She made some sort of picture frame that came out really pretty. I'll take a picture once it dries (24 hours they said). Anyway, as I was dropping her off, the instructor told me today would only take an hour, not the two they said. Ugh-I really had to stick around, which is just what Michaels wants of course. I went in determined not to spend any money, but of course did. I bought some #3 crochet thread to try to make a doily-2 balls of that. They had a ball of royal blue #10 thread on clearance for $1, so I bought that. I also bought another #7 steel and a #9 steel for fifty cents each. Oh yes, some 28 gauge beading wire to try to crochet, two spools. Michaels has changed their yarn selections and has added a full line of Moda Dea yarns, gorgeous stuff too. Right now, too rich for my blood, but at least I got to see some of the newer yarns. Their ribbon yarn is to die for. The one I saw was a rainbow of colors and stunning. I also felt up some Mohair Magic from Lion Brand. Someone on C'ville made a trellis shawl from this and it was beautiful, really beautiful. The yarn is $8 a ball and you need three, so I just had to be happy with a couple pets. Michaels also added to their stuff a full line of Clover Soft-touch hooks and bamboo knitting needles. I had a 40% off coupon and had to buy an E Soft Touch, hence needing size #3 thread. Now I need an easy pattern.

Also, while I'm asking about patterns, I picked up a size K Cro-Hook for $1.00. Any easy patterns out there. On-line it was all double colored patterns, but Marvie if you are reading this, I saw you were using one color of a variegated for a dishcloth....what pattern is it?

All in all, I spent $17 and was kicking myself in the butt all the way out the door.

BTW, no Magic Stripes Sock Yarn. Jess, I'm gonna try AC Moore, but if I can't find it, I'll let you know. I am going to run short, I know it. I finished almost finished one sock and I know there won't be enough left over. I hate that!


ladylinoleum said...

Okay, stopping hassling yourself...yarn is useful, even in truckload quantities.

Marvie said...

Woohooo you bought thread an little hooks =) I attempted to use a teensy tiny little size twelve hook last night and just couldn't do it yet lol. I had to move up to a #9. Guess I need more time before I'm ready for itsy bitsy hooks lol

K on the afgahn hook, for that dishcloth I didn't use a pattern, I just chained 20 or 25 (plus one) and started the afghan stitch. Just kept on going till the thing was basically square. I haven't yet branched out into changing colors or anything lol. There are a few patterns available for tunisian or afghan stitch, but I haven't tried them yet. Probably soon, I've made enough squares that I am comfortable with it now.

Sedie said...

Hey, look on the bright side, you got everything at a discount! I think you did pretty well.

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