Monday, July 25, 2005

Christmas in July-Postage Due

I received two Christmas in July packages today. One, from an unknown elf, contained some beautiful Murano glass beads.

The other, a known elf, sent me a very pretty cross stitch/quilted wall hanging and a beaded necklace she made. She also sent it to me with......................POSTAGE DUE!!!!!!!!!
I swear you did that on purpose Joy! I could just imagine her putting a couple stamps on and saying "Aw, this should be enough and if it isn't, screw it!" Then laughing maniacally! She also included the nicest note, trying to throw me off her diabolical plan to forve me to pony up nine cents!

I love getting the surprises, even if it did cost me nine cents!


Donna said...

Hmmmm....I would insist that she reimburse you for that 9 cents...she is taking food out of your baby's mouth. Get your money girl!

Joy said...

Ahahahaha! :)

Ooops! I actually did wonder that, thinking "Damn, I wonder if this is enough postage?" Then as I stood and did that heft and try to guess the weight thing the husband hollered "Are you using all the stamps?! I need one!"

So actually, I will be submitting the bill for the 9 cents to him! It's all HIS fault! ;)

So glad you liked everything despite the postage due fiasco!

PBnJ said...

aww how nice, thats a very pretty necklace and what a lovely wallhanging! =)

LOL @ Donna "go get ur money" hahaha =D

Jewels said...

I could send 9Canadian pennies, hehe, I think that would need an 85cent stamp though, LOL. crocheted coins? now that would make good tender for all of us.
Gorgeous beads and wallhanging is awesome!!

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