Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Better Day...............

By yesterday afternoon, I was feeling much better. Still didn't make any return phone calls, but felt more myself. Elena and I swam a bit in the early afternoon and I did drop her off at my mom's. She had a great time. I did do a little playroom cleaning up, but mostly just cooked dinner and enjoyed the quiet alone time. Mike and I even had a chance to have dinner alone-rare indeed!

The weather has been horrendous here. Yesterday, it supposedly went to 103 with humidity of 88%. Now, I have to tell you, thunderstorms have been crazy here. It hasn't rained here, at my house, in a while, but 1 mile down the road, it rained like 3" in an hour. On the drive to where my mother works (which is about 15 miles away) we encountered sunshine, thunderstorms, torrential rain, sunshine again, drizzle, torrential rain. Elena was freaked out at the different weather patterns in the short span of time, I was too. Today is supposed to be worse than yesterday, then less humid but still 90's the rest of the week. Then Monday, Hurricane Emily is supposed to cause some kind of front in the Gulf and the jetstream is making it very humid here again. I can't believe how freaky the storm path is and how it's making our weather here so humid. I kind of understand weather patterns, but this one has me scratching my head.

I have my SP reveal package ready, just waiting to mail it out. This round was pretty disappointing. The one I was sending too had no reaction to anything, rarely posts, etc. She really didn't make it very fun. The one sending to me dropped off the face of the earth. At first she sent e-cards galore and sent me a few dishcloths she made and then BOOM, nothing, nada, that was it. She posted a few times on C'ville, so I know she's still around. I decided not to do the SP anymore. The first round was fun, but the second one disappointed me as far as any connections being made. I'll stick with RAOK, etc. I enjoy sending surprises out anyway.

I am working on the Ella Bolero from Donna. I realized a ch 1 was left out of the instructions (which is why I'm the pattern tester) and yesterday I was so out of it, I couldn't get anything to work yarn wise and then I realized my mistake last night. I am actually doing it in Red Heart Blueberry, which I'm not crazy about using acrylic for clothing, but it was the last resort when it kept coming out wonky and then I was on a roll and, RHSS to the rescue. I haven't used any RHSS in a while and I forget how easy it is to crochet with compared to the other yarns, like boucles and specialty yarns.

Elena is bugging me to make her kerchiefs. Now, she hates having her hair fixed up in the summer, etc., but she wants these cause one of the older girls in her craft class had one and Elena thinks they're awesome. I think I will try Jessica's pattern (Tiggzie) from C'ville using, what else Cotton-Ease.

I better run, I don't plan on doing anything today, just hanging out in my controlled environment, maybe swimming, crocheting, reading.......maybe I'll even return some phone calls!
Stay cool and smile!


NS said...

I'm glad you're feeling better today and sorry about your crappy weekend. I hear you about the humidity...sometimes it's like walking under water. It's so hard to get motivated when the weather is so changeable.

Natalie said...

Glad to hear that things are looking up! The weather has been weird here, too - yesterday they said it got up to 108 with humidity.

sucks to hear about your janky secret pal... I feel the same way about this round. I had a blast the first time, but this round was so disappointing I'm holding off on the next. Hey, we could be unsecret pals...

Have a smiley day!

Joy said...

Happy to hear you are feeling better!

I so understand those blahs, I've had them lately for an array of reasons.

I think too, that we should all boycott this g-damn heat. Go away heat, you are not welcome here! :)

PBnJ said...

awww im sorry to hear your summer SP round wasn't fun. =/ i've signed up for my first SP round for this autumn, i hope it goes well.

i was accepted into the ROAK ring just this afternoon, woohoo! now its time for me to run off and read some messages on their board.

The Shrone said...

Glad to hear you're feeling better today. It sucks to have loisy feeling days!

OK, you're gonna hate me, but I MISS, and I do mean MISS, the weather of the northeast! I love the thunderstorms, the wildness of them, and the HUMIDITY. I am an oddball and Pooky can't understand it either, but I am a tropical plant in disguise. If you ever want to switch summers, you can have ours. It's been so pathetic here as far as heat goes. It's a joke to have a summer wardrobe.

Sorry to hear your Secret Pal stuff didn't go so well. This round went well for me. I had a good pal to spoil and of course Kari is one of the Shrone posse so of course she's going to be someone worth Secret Palling with ;-).

Ro said...

not much to say, just a *hug*!!!

Donna said...

I love quiet days alone too, especially during the week, I always feel like I'm playing hookey from school.

Kimberly said...

Glad that you are feeling better today *hugs* hope that tomorrow is even better!!

Sorry about the bumm S.P. this round - both ways have been great. I've been in a swap recently where I put a ton of effort into my mailing and did not even get a whole sentance on a blog (let alone a post in C'ville) on the package....have to figure that some folks are just not the chatty kind I guess!

Allena said...

sorry about your SP
sending big HUGS your way!!!

Trish said...

Sorry to hear about your SP. I had the same experience with that and also some swaps. I Pick and choose very carefully now cuz it's not worth being disappointed. ]

Glad you are feeling normal. Tomorrow(errr...today) is a new day.

This humidity BETTAH go away soon! It's driving me mad. All I do is sleep.

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