Saturday, July 16, 2005

Barefoot Sandals

When I saw the pattern Cordelia posted for barefoot sandals, no make that Simple Barefoot Sandals, I had to give it a try. I soon realized, thread is not yet my forte. I took out an E hook (3.25 mm) and some Lustersheen in a color unknown and started practicing my skills with thread and a smaller hook. I made a bookmark and button bracelet and was ready to move on to the sandals.

I made them, but realized how long the cords were going to be and also that I would have to tie them around my ankle, so, again, I improvised. I made the motifs the same, but just made the "around the ankle" chain 70 and attached it to the same spot and worked around the motif to the other corner and did a chain 16 for that one and attached. Now, I just slip my foot in the bigger hole and pop the toe part over. One piece all together.

I wrote down exact directions if anyone wants them. Next time, smaller motif and perhaps beads. Of course, my husband doesn't "get" the concept, but I never thought he would.

(Yikes! After seeing the post, it's like ginormous feet (which need a pedicure) coming at you-kinda scary really)


Jennifa said...

lol, no, your feet look normal! Those are really cute.

Amanda said...

At least you don't have long finger-like toes like I do...although it makes picking up after Geof a lot's like having 4 hands!!

Amanda said...

...and I really like this whole foot bikini craze, great job and welcome to the wild world of thread!

DogMom said...

Isn't Lustresheen great stuff? I think ya did a great job and your feet are NOT scary!

Rebecca said...

those look great!
i still haven't gotten the other pattern to you, have i?! DOH- loser is me
girl, go paint your toenails!

Jewels said...

I love the sandals Goddesszilla, er, um, I mean Deneen LOL I've seeb Lustersheen but never tried it. Such a pretty color, I think these are so cool for women at the beach or pool.

ladylinoleum said...

Very cool!

The Shrone said...

I like the color of your toenail polish! And you have a nice tan color, too! I'm jealous!

And what are you complaining about? Looks like you did great crocheting with thread!

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