Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Baby, It's Hot Here

No Lori you do not want this heat for anything! Did ya see Weather Pixie-99 degrees and she's wearing pants. She's insane I say. The heat index hit over 110. The pool water temp was 92 and felt icky warm. I was sweating in the water. Finally, I gave up and just came in and sat in front of the A/C. I knew Elena wanted to swim though, so I hauled my big butt out these and stayed for an hour. I guess I got even more heated up when I decided to water the tomato plants, ferns, lavender and rhod's. Then, like an ass, I decided to run some tomatoes to my neighbor, who won't use air conditioning. I stood on her deck in the blazing sun for a few minutes til Elena screamed "I can't take it anymore, I think I'm blind!". (I'm not sure what that meant, but both her hands were by her sides, so I wasn't too worried). Of course, what a great excuse to get out of there. As we were about to leave, my neighbor called "Oh wait, I have something in the house for Elena". Of course, Elena was torn-stay for a surprise or go blind--she chose to go blind. Anyway, it was a Jessie shirt from ToY Story 2. She liked it, but I think she hoped it would be a toy. I could see her brain telling her "For this, I went blind?????". Anyway, we went home and Elena said, "How can they not use air conditioning?". I didn't have an answer, but the neighbor did tell me she was getting it put in next year. Enough is enough. Now, a cool front was supposed to come through tonight, but the news is reporting Central and North Jersey will get it and we, South Jersey, may not. What the hell does that mean??? I want my cold front and I don't care how windy, stormy or hail-y it has to get!


The Shrone said...

OK, I'll be an onry kid and say, "Yeah I do!" I do want the heat. On Monday I wore a sweater and turtleneck when we went out and jeans. This is supposed to be summer! I need to lie around naked in the house and make my own gravy from sweating to death.

Amie said...

I tend to like the heat, but this is killing me. I had no air, so I'm suffering here, especially because I haven't crocheted! It's tootin' hot here, eh?!

The weather people CLAIM it's coming down to 83 tomorrow, but I think it's a lie because they also said it was supposed to rain too and I got nothing really. I was PRAYING for it standing at the door in my pj's, the coolest clothes in the closet. ERR. Darn rainman!

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