Thursday, July 28, 2005

Ah, Sweet Relief, even if it's for a day.....

It's absolutely gawgeous out! The storms came in last night and brought in some wonderful sweet relief. Last night, around 9:00 PM, when the weather channel map showed the storms had passed, I decided to jump in the bath tub. I was sitting in there getting ready to shave my legs when, the lights flashed and the hugest(such a word?) bolt of lightening hit outside of the house. The rumble afterwards must have lasted at least 60 seconds and actually shook the doors! I jumped out of the tub so damn fast, I am surprised I didn't break my leg sliding out of the bathroom. So, here I sit, slightly hairy legged and safe.

Elena mentioned to me she was glad it wasn't as "hot and human" anymore. She does crack me up. Her toe is much better, thanks to all who asked. It's healing well and now has a huge skin flap that I keep trimming down so she doesn't snag it on the rug. It looks 99% better though, which is fantastic.

I'm working on the "Water's Edge Cover Up" from the last issue of Crochet Me! It's working up beautifully, very nice pattern. I'm using Microspun in Ebony and think I will need to get an extra skein. I hate that, when the dye lots don't match. I have 3 1/2 skeins, but don't think it'll make it. Cross your toes for me!

It's so nice out today, I promised Elena some outside playtime once the grass dries up a bit. Unfortunately or fortunately, whichever the case may be, the cooling down has forced me to do some put off cleaning when the humidity was so high. So far the bathroom is scrubbed to shininess and the floor mopped too. The dining room floor has been mopped and the kitchen scrubbed up. Next stop, the upstairs bathroom (which has no air and is hot as heck when it's hot). Then, I must shower. My hair looks like something from the bride of Frankenstein. Plus, I must shave. In the summer, if I don't do it everyday, I feel like a hairy gorilla. I should clean out Elena's room, but having her here "helping" is a detriment for sure.

Note to Kari and Lori, I usually don't comment on your blogs because: Kari-I have dial up and it takes forever to load the page and do the comment. I read it daily on Bloglines, swear. Lori: The darn sign in to leave comments sometimes won't let me in. It lets me in, but then gets rid of my comment and shows an error. It drives me insane, but I read your posts daily too, you know I do.

Rebecca, I read your posts too (not daily, you don't post daily!), but have the same excuse as I do for Kari's blog.

I do read my blogs through Bloglines daily. I'm not great about commenting since dial up takes so freaking long sometimes to get to the comment box. I read them all though! Swear!


Kari said...

I know you read my blog hun and I know it takes forever to load on dialup... I am trying to ummm well no I have kinda slacked off on trying to make it load faster but I did remove alot hehe!
Bloglines has totally spoiled me, I find I have to FORCE myself to actually visit peoples blogs and comment!
Glad you got cooler temps, we did too for a bit today.

Stacey said...

I know what you mean, I have dialup too and a lot of times just read on bloglines instead of waiting for whole blogs to load. If I read someone every day it's not so bad since the graphics and whatnot stay in the browser cache but if I let things slide it can take a long time...

Oh, look, now it's letting me log in! It wouldn't before.

noricum said...

There were a couple times I wanted to comment on Lori's blog, but I'd have to sign in. I don't like having to sign in to comment. :P

Why is it that people don't shower or bathe when there's lightning? Swimming I can understand, since the lightning can strike the water, but the pipes for water are underground! (So not only will they not be struck, but they're already grounded.) I'm confused.

The Shrone said...

Try using the Haloscan comments. You don't need to sign in to use it (at least I don't think that you do). I have the Typekey set for sign-in to avoid spammers. I was getting 100+ "comments" a day from gambling and porn sites. Nasty stuff to delete.

Glad you're getting some heat relief.

Do you watch Mythbusters? They proved that being in the shower or bathtub during a thunderstorm can be lethal.

Joy said...

Holy god, that lightning thunder thing just scares me to death.

I can usually be found hiding in the closet when such storms are brewing!

Jewels said...

eek, I am sooooo glad not to have dial-up horrors anymore. Costs enough to be without that pain and aggravation though.
Glad that lightning didn't knock out people or power at your house too. Love the "hot and human", LOL

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