Wednesday, June 08, 2005

WIP Wednesday

Well, I am working on the Sherbert tank straps now. Hopefully, I can finish that one up today. I love the way it looks and I hope it fits Elena.

I am also testing a few patterns. The first is from Crocheted Monkey and is for a fulled cell phone cozy. I'm not sure if I'm going to use merino wool or doubled thin alpaca, still debating.

Next is the wickedly awesome Bolero that Donna has designed. I think I will use either the tonal boucle from Joann's or the jewel tone Boucle from Rodney. Since I haven't used the Joann's yet, I would like to try it, but I heard it's a bitch to frog, so perhaps the tried and true will be used. The pattern looks simple enough (famous last words) and the bolero is simply awesome!

I also have to work on some soap bags for my mom. She had surgery on her right wrist, she's right handed and complained she cannot wring out a washcloth to bath. I whipped up a little cotton soap bag for her to use instead. She just pops the soap in and can scrub herself and then pop the soap out and wash the bag. She tried it, loved it and thinks I should patent it. I tried to explain it's not a new thing, just a pattern, etc. In any event, I have to make a few more for her. I think she's gonna use these even after she can use her right wrist.

On other crochet news, the Wish List is going well, swimmingly! Everyone has been terrific about getting the info to me. Thank you Beth for the offer to help out. I'll yell if I need it!

Also, I am now coveting the Melissa Leapman Cool Crochet book. I want it so badly! I don't usually buy pattern books because frankly, I generally only use 1 pattern out of each one. But this one, this one has gotten rave reviews. I'll hold off a bit, but damn I want it!

I still have my cold. Andrea, it may be allergies, but I've been taking Zyrtec for 20 years now. I have to take it for the "skin itchies" I get from the lupus. If I switch to something else, I itch all over. Unfortunately, I don't think the antihistamine part of it is working for my allergies. I do think it's a cold though and it does suck big time.

Must run, coffee calls my name..........


noricum said...

If you've been taking an antihistamine for that long, it likely isn't working any more... at least, not as an antihistamine. I have to change every few years to maintain effectiveness.

Sara said...

ARRRGH!! I pre-ordered Cool Crochet from Amazon and I am STILL waiting.

My sister has lupus. I know how hard it is for her sometimes. But if she is any indication, mental attitude make a big difference.

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