Friday, June 24, 2005

Thank You to Kimberly (Woven and Spun)

This is a tiny bit overdue and I am sorry. I appreciate these so much, just kept forgetting to take pics.

I wanted a niddy noddy for several reasons: to start spinning and have a place to wrap my spun yarn; to use it to make hanks to dye wool yarn; to use it to make hanks to dye some cotton yarn I acquired and because I wanted one.

I saw Kimberlyand her husband made the ones from PVC, which are nice because you can wrap wet and the yarn can actually dry on them without any damage.

I had been watching several on eBay and frankly, I didn't want another large item filling up my already yarn/crochet/fiber infested home. The PVC ones looked great and I saw directions to make them. We have a Dremel, but frankly, I'm not good with a hacksaw and patient with things I don't usually play with.

Kimberely had been discussing on C'ville how she had made bunches of them, etc. So we struck an old-fashioned barter deal or a swap. Some sock yarn and other yarn for a niddy noddy. I was thrilled. She sent me not one, but two. One is a one yard one and the other is a two yarn one.

These are so nice because you twist them and they store flat, no warping to worry about-I am beyond thrilled.

So thank you Kimberly, your kindness is appreciated!

Now, to find a swift..................

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ladylinoleum said...

Hey girlfriend we need to talk about spinning. I've done this before (years ago) but I want to get started again. Maybe we can chat on the phone sometime and you can give me some pointers?

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