Saturday, June 04, 2005

Shameless beg

I have an "artsy" project in my head I want to do. I am asking (begging) for squares from 4" to 12", I don't care. The funkier and uglier, the better. They don't have to be grannies, prefer them not to be, but different textures, etc. They can be wonky, they can be ugly, they can be hideous yarn colors, they can be whatever scraps you have and want to make.

When the project is done, of course, I will post it.

If you are interested and willing, let me know and I'll send ya my addy.

Thank you!!!!


Natalie said...

oh, the intrigue!! Wonder what you could be up to!!

Trish said...

I got squares, I have your addy. I'll send em off :)

Marla said...

Hey Deneen how many do you want??

Send me an email and I'll fix you up soon as I get back from FL next Sunday!!!

Hope you feel better girl!

Amanda said...

I have several squares in weird hideous colors that do not go together. I was practicing my 63 squares crochet along...but I'm over it now and the squares are yours!

Kimberly said...

I've several squares from when I was learning to crochet, several rectangles and weird shapes also because I was not getting the whole gauge thing! Let me know where to send them to! :-)

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