Monday, June 13, 2005

Ro and Lori

Ro is having her MRI tomorrow and I want to wish her luck, love and am sending her a giant hug.

Lori is still in the hospital from complications from her ileostomy. Her husband John wrote to me today with an update (follows):

Hello all,

Lori is fine, but still hospitalized. At times her spirits are high and at time they are low, but over all she's handling the situation well. As for the situation, no one knows for sure. The plumbing is not working as it should, the cause is still unknown. So far test have revealed little so it is a wait and see type of situation. I will update everyone again in a few days.


So please have good thoughts and well wishes for both of the fantastical gals! I am thinking of you both!

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Jewels said...

Thanks for updating us on the girls. Keep the smiles on and {}'s

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