Friday, June 24, 2005

Fulled/Felted AJ's Wristbag

This was my "experimental" project I had been working on. I used Three Olive Martini'shandpainted wool boucle and an F hook. Basically did the AJ's Wristbag pattern the same except I made it bigger and made the handles longer to accomadate for shrinkage.

Anyway, I ended up fulling it four times in the washer with sneakers to get the right effect I wanted.

It only shrunk about an inch all the way around and then handles did turn out the perfect length. If you want to revisions I used, let me know and I'll type em up and get them out to you.

The before pics are the second batch with the blue tape measure
The after have the sheepie tape measure. They don't look much different, but the fulling turned out great in the after ones.

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