Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Finished Bolero-Claudia

I finished up Donna's Bolero last night. I used the JOO Rainbow Boucle, which was a royal pain in the ass to match the tonal changes in the front. Of course, I diddled with the hook size and sleeve length, but it's a perfect pattern. She plans to sell the pattern on eBay and I predict it will sell well. It's easy enough for an advanced beginner and it works up quickly.

Mine turned out a wider and longer than the original pattern, but I ordered some boucle thin enough to make myself one (this one will go to mom) using Donna's exact hook sizes, etc. Then it'll be more fitted and I can't wait.

I am off now, a few little things to work up. I have to wind the 3-olive yarn today cause that's what the Adina will be done with!


Natalie said...

Wow, that turned out really nice, I love the fading. Did I miss something, cuz I can't figure out what the Adina is??

Joy said...

I love it!!

I'm thinking about getting the supplies to make a niddy noddy. That or biting the bullet and buying a yarn winder. Which one do you prefer?

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