Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Completely Crochet Related

This post is completely crochet related, no rants-

WIP Wednesday

I finished the sleeves on my Jenna shrug.

I'm working on a few projects for the Christmas in July Wish List on Crochetville

I have to start a baby gift today, no more excuses-I don't know whether to do the Lion Brand Hooded blanket or to use Chatty's Shortie Sleeper, any suggestions????? I have the yarn for both, so I want to do what quickest.

I plan to start a halter top for Elena today, an easy one.

I hate that my printer crapped out, but it gives me an excuse to get to all those patterns I printed out before and put away. Kinda like cleaning out my pattern stash.

Crochetville Christmas in July Wish List

The list is completed, the sign ups are closed and the elves (thank you gals, you do ROCK!!) have been given their names. I have one more addy I need from one of the people who signed up and that's that. People can start requesting addy's now. This should be fun. I actually have had a chance to peruse half the lists and have a bunch of stuff I have to get ready for mailing. I decided to package them up, address them and mail a few a day for a while. Kinda like a "picking names from a hat" thing.

Jessica-Kusine is double checking my list, helping me keep track of who has received things and who hasn't, general double checking for me and I appreciate it.

Kazily also has made the nifty button for the swap (see my sidebar). So if you're in the swap, swipe it and put it on your blog. Thank you for making the button-I love it!

Personal Notes

Ro I haven't forgotten you. I've been reading through bloglines and am glad you're seeing another doctor and love your Passport to Imagination pattern you've posted. You know you rock and you know I'm thinking of you. Things have been beyond crazy with stupid stuff here. I still love you!

I have to call Lori today. It's been 1 1/2 weeks since I spoke to her and she's still in the hospital and I feel badly for not calling. The time zone thing has me messed up, cause the best time for me to call her is my morning EST, but she's on PST and I don't think she'd appreciate a 5:00 AM call. It's tough to talk with a 5 year old holding on saying "mommy, mommy?". She is in my thoughts all the time.

Today is Storytime at the library-12:30. Elena is excited, she loves routines and learning, so I hope she enjoys this. I'll either bring the new Evanovich book (library loan and first time I have read a book in ages). Because of crocheting, I don't read much anymore, except for patterns :p. I may bring some crocheting, don't know yet. I'm not even sure how long it lasts or if I have to sit right in the room with her, etc.

Well, it's 8:45 AM and Elena is already doing her "PRRROOOJECT". She's painting at the dining room table. Yes, summer vaca has begun, Serenity Now!



ThreeOliveMartini said...

oooo story time ! lol at least you get a little peace .. hope you have a wonderful day !

ladylinoleum said...

Hey woman! I am so excited 'cuz I just hit enough posts to be eligible for swaps and such at Crochetville now! Can't wait to participate in those.

Now for your question as to what I was like as a child. Pretty much the same as now only without being bitter and bitchy...LOL

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