Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Completed Baby Blanket

I finished this up yesterday for a baby gift for someone. The pattern is terrific and makes a border as you do each row, which is a nice touch. The pattern is from Lisa Lately's blog and is the Crinkle Textured Baby Blanket. I used TLC baby yarn (sportweight) in Naptime and an H hook. Of course, my starting foundationless chain was 77 instead of the 57 and I did use almost two 5 ounce skeins for this blanket. Lisa's site is nice because she has the patterns and a link to making the foundationless sc base chain, which was cool. I was able to learn something new and not rip my hair out!

Also, pictures are included of the roving crochet. It's from Brigg's and Little and is a 5 ply roving called Country Roving. It's a bit of a pain in the ass cause you have to be gentle or it comes apart. It's kind of like gently drafting the roving while using it. I think I did most in 3 ply though. It comes in a cake form, which can be a bugger to figure out. I bought it off of Knitwives on eBay and also bought an 8 ounce cake of the olive to try a purse. The thing shown is the armrest cover. It's fulling now (I think this stuff full less than regular wool) and then I will add buttons to attach it on the bottom. I hope like hell it shrinks 20%, of course I didn't do a test swatch-that would show it was well planned and you know I hook by the seat of my pants.

Off now, Elena is still in her PJ's at 12:45 pm on this hot, rainy ass day.


ladylinoleum said...

LMAO...I hook by the seat of my pants too...Rock on sista!

Natalie said...

Cute blankie!! And the roving crochet is intriguing... Think I'll try it soon, thanks for the ics!

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