Wednesday, May 25, 2005

WIP Wednesday!

I finished my two ponchos, dropped them off and was paid!! Of course, I bought a little yarn gift for myself and some bamboo handles also.

Then, off to pick up some donated Freecycle yarn for my baby blankets. It was Red Heart and Caron, but about 20 skeins, all new, all baby colors. Wonderful!! I can probably get 30 donations out of this batch.

I am so thrilled to be done the ponchos, it's like 100 years has lifted off me.

Funny and strange story to tell. Yesterday I was taking my meds and vitamins in the AM. I am a great one for popping all of them in my mouth at once, taking a sip of something, throwing my head back and swallowing. Occasionally, I choke. Welllll, yesterday the biggest vitamin got stuck kinda in my chest/throat area. It felt like someone placed a ton of bricks on my chest. I'm in the kitchen spurting and sputtering and generally making a commotion and what is my daughter's reaction??? She jumps on the couch, opens the curtain and starts banging on the window screaming "You're making me nervous!". For the record, the nearest house on that side of the house is 1 1/2 cleared acres away. I know they use their binoculars from their kitchen window to snoop (long story for another day), but what are the chances they would see a five year old or anyone would? Now, what kind of reaction is that? I stop sputtering and calm down and Elena asks me if "I'm dead or gonna be dead soon" from the choking. She then yells at me for making her nervous. I think it's time to teach her about emergencies. Although this wasn't one, her reaction was by far bizarre.

Anyway, I have to do a baby blanket I am being paid for and then I want to finish my shrug from the schematics on C'ville, do a purse in chili pepper space-dyed chenille and then hopefully work on that Seraphina from the yarn Fiona is sending me (Yea!!).

So, I must eat some lunch-Elena will be home soon (it goes by so fast)



Beth said...

I, too, have been yelled at by one of my children for scaring her (poor thing, she completely fell apart). But I've not experienced the couch-jumping-window-banging thing. That IS interesting. Maybe she was hoping to get the attention of someone outside? I dunno. Good luck and I'm glad you're okay.

Lissette said...

OMG, this story was so funny, i started laughing and crying while at work, and people looked at me funny. I have a REALLY vivid imagination, so i could just see it all.

noricum said...

Testing, 1, 2, 3... Hmmm... your blogger blog seems to be working fine, but mine is all messed up. I can't even view individual post pages!

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