Monday, May 02, 2005

What a mail day!! Thank you all around!!

Well, we received lots of fun mail in our house today. First of all, Tricia (Figmint) my wily secret pal sent her reveal package last week and it arrived today!! So much stuff was in the box, it was so much fun!!!

I received: Natural roving for dying and spinning (someone tell me how to dye roving please), a doily (which I adored and yes, I don't know how threadies do it!) she made, two hot pads she made, 4 fragrance oils for my soap making, a magnetic notepad, a picture frame, some bath fizzies, teas and coffees, four coffee mugs, stickers, a mini tea time recipe book, a wonderful card and her friendship!! The best. She also sent Elena a Spongebob Gummy Bear making kit, a rabbit with a crocheted dress, a crocheted dress for her Barbie, a pink headband, which she loved, and a bubble necklace. We had to pack up all her loot and take it to show her grammy tonight!

She also received a RAOK package from Marla at Crochetville. This was full of lip glosses, nail polish, nail file, bracelets, necklace, candy, stickers, a pink hairbrush, crayons, a Troll baby doll (I know I'm leaving something out!) She was so excited, actually jumping up and down. These were also packed up and taken to show grammy.

Finally, she also received a letter from Emily (Zingy Zoid's daughter). In the letter was a picture of Emily with Ariel at Disney. Well that just sent Elena over the top! She is so damn excited about Disney she can barely contain it. That also went to Grammy's house.

Of course, I dropped Elena off at my mom's for a few hours and had to bring everything and then had to bring it back home so we didn't forget it at her grandmother's house.

Thank you all for being super pals!!! Each of you have made this day so much better with your kind thoughts and generosity!!


Joy said...

Is it hard to make soap? I keep thinking "I should try that!" I'm not sure where to start though, perhaps picking up one of those little kits at the craft store? I'm all curious about soapmaking now! lol, just what I need, another hobby! ;)

ThreeOliveMartini said...

i DOES look like christmas at your house.. man. oh man..

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