Thursday, May 19, 2005

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I received an e-mail from Lori's Pooky last night and here it is verbatim:

"Hello Everyone!
If you have received this message then Pooky (aka John) has e-mailed this to you to inform you of my post-op condition. Here's how I'm doing:

This is where you'll write how I am doing. You can say something witty and amusing, like I no longer have an asshole.

Actually she still does have an asshole, but like the song "It's on a road to nowhere." Lori is fine and in good spirts. The operations went a little longer than the surgeon expected, but he was happy with the results. I'm about to fall over because I'm so tired, thus I'm off to bed.

AKA John"

Good news there!

Other crapola-I went to Michaels yesterday cause I needed a serious yarn fix, but as usual, Michaels sucked eggs as far as yarn goes. I did have two balls of Moda Dea Sassy Stripes in my hand for $3 each, but I stuck to the Stashbusters pledge. I did pick up a size 7 steel hook on clearance for $0.50, but it was 1.50 mm, not the 1.65 mm (boye) that I needed. That pisses me off more than you will ever know. They also had long double ended crochet hooks on clearance for a buck. I didn't buy one, but how would you use this? Yes, I am stupid-just answer the question.

I also went to two Dollar stores looking for the twine to make a bag out of, no luck. I did pick up at one of them the neatest little box with two plastic knitting corkers, a pom-pom maker, little hooky thing to move the yarn around the corker and a teensy bit of bright yarn for a buck. The corkers are two different sizes. How cool is that?? All for a buck! I did notice Target added a knitting kit for kids (6 and up) that had a corker, yarns, etc for $7.00. They also had all kinds of beading kits now for about $15.00.

I did get Elena some Model Magic from Crayola yesterday and she is now shrieking "You promised to help me make a sculpture", so off I go. She fancies herself an "artiste", so off to help. You know what diva's artistes can be!

Oh yeah, I have to make two of the Plymouth ponchos in the jewel-tone boucle (which is a pain in the butt to work with). Two people where my mom works ordered them. I love the money, but hate the "pressure". Ah well, money is money. All I'll do is buy more yarn anyway!!



ThreeOliveMartini said...

you can do the double end hook to do tunisian.. crochet on the double.. or cro-knit..

i want to see some of the artiste's work when she is finished !!

Your Secret Pal said...

I hope your breast feel better soon. And PS: look for a cro-knit hook soon in the mail.

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