Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Same shit, different day

Well, I am still working on the shrug. I really cannot seem to get any crochet done this week. Anyway, this Stashbuster thing is now killing me. I was fine while on vacation, etc. Now, I want, desire, need some new yarn. I can do it-I know I can-argh!

Still haven't smoked, feel great now. Have used some Nicorette gum, but not much.

Believe it or not, Elena's other front tooth is very loose. Poor kid, two teeth out in one week and now another is very loose. Not loose enough to pull, maybe tonight. It looks all creepy and lopsided. Poor baby-She will have 4 missing teeth and two coming in the bottom at once. No teeth in the front at all. I swear I NEVER remember loosing them like this, but I do remember hating loose teeth and even now my stomach turns at the sight/thought of a wobbly tooth.

This week I feel overwhelmed! I cannot seem to get anything done the way I want to. Everything is half-assed and I'm bored shitless. This not smoking is eating my brain. I think between Prednisone withdrawal, post-vacation mode, quitting smoking and stashbusters I will be insane by weeks end.

I have a request, does anyone have any brown or tan wool they aren't going to be using? I will trade a blue wool for it. I want to make this fulled thingy for my husbands car and don't have enough brown wool to make it. Let me know, please.



jess said...

I guess you want brown yarn and not just roving :) I just got some brown roving in the mail yesterday and I'm spinning it up but I can tell you now, you don't want it!

Hope you start to feel less overwhelmed soon. Congrats on the not smoking!!

Kari said...

I hope you feel better. I know it's tough not smoking with a bunch of other stuff going on.

Jessi said...

Hang in there day at a time...I know that's easier said than done though. sending hugs your way.

noricum said...

Way to go on the quitting!

ThreeOliveMartini said...

Deneen.. i mean this in the best possbile way


DAWN said...

With all the withdrawls you are going through at the moment, the possibility is high that you will be nuts by weeks end; however--beginning next week, you will be stronger, healther, wealthier and I promise, sainer(if that is a word). Stick with it, girl. We got your back.

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