Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Really a last blog before I go...

I know I said the last was my last, but this may be the last before I go, or maybe tomorrow AM.

I always say bad things happen in threes, so here goes:

1) I washed my shawl and the fringe morphed into one ball together. In the process of taking it apart, the bottom point came undone. I think I fixed it and am refringing. No biggie, but bad omen 1

2) The power was out for a few hours today. A wire was down in the road down the street. Why, I don't know. In any event, that's the route Elena's bus takes and she was late coming home and I didn't know where the bus was coming from. So no power, omen #2.

3) When the power went out, my neighbor came over cause she doesn't have a cell phone and wanted to know if I called the electric company. We were chatting and I mentioned I couldn't find Nemo again. I had looked for three days to no avail. She informed me he was hit by a car on the cross street near my house. It happened a few days ago and she thought I knew. So, now I know. Omen #3.

I hope my luck changes now. On the eating front with Elena, I blew up. She is now s-l-o-w-l-y eating a PB & J cause I told her if she didn't we would cancel Disney and take her for a throat exam (which she hates them looking down her throat cause she gags). She is eating, begrudgingly and slowly, but she's eating. I am horrible for doing that, but something had to give. The way she is eating you would think it was the most horrible thing in the world, but she has to eat...period. If it's a problem in Disney, she will go to the doctor as soon as we come back. I am rotten and horrible, but food is in her. She's not traumatized from it. It's not like I'm forcing her to eat liver (happened to me, I'll never forget it). She did ask for Cheese Curls, so if she can eat them, PB & J shouldn't be bad.

I gotta run, the shawl needs to be finished.


ThreeOliveMartini said...

you go girl! no that is not traumatizing.. she will be ok.. i need to get with you and we can share liver stories.. mine is bad.. LOL i wont gross every one out here .. I hope your day gets better !!!

Secret Pal said...

I hope you day goes better. Have fun on vacation. Hopefully I will have a package ready for you by the time you get home.

Your Secret Pal

laura said...

My power went out today too. i HATE that. I spend my days with my computer, TV and knitting needles. I know it's sad. at least I had a knitting magazine handy that I hadn't read yet. Yes I know it's really sad.

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