Saturday, May 21, 2005

Miraculously, no damage

Well, Mike is washing the car now and, if by some miracle, not a bit of damage-not even a scratch. Do you think the wetness of the car helped?? It took Mike 45 minutes last night, with a chainsaw, to saw away the debris and get the car out. The actual trunk is still hanging from the rootball, as if suspended in mid-air. Needless to say, Elena's not allowed near it.

Yard sales stunk today!!!! I did find a wool crewel kit, ditched the directions and canvas and kept the Columbia-Minerva wool yarn, for $0.50. Probably about 10 ounces of multi-colors (I'll post pic tomorrow). I've been following Beck's Blog and all her fulled things and saw she used tapestry scrap yarn and well, got jealous and now can try something mosaic and fulled.

All for now, my stomach is grumbling for some snack food--


Marla said...

Hey Deneen too bad you were too far away to come to my yard sale... I coulda unloaded some yarn and other stuff on you. Actually it wasn't part of the yard sale, but I need to destash.

It was almost too cool here for a yard sale- about 60ish and cloudy/windy. It was supposed to have been 80 and sunny.

Vera said...

Great news on the car. It did look pretty scary, though

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