Monday, May 16, 2005

It ain't easy being 5! Posted by Hello


Marla said...

Hi Deneen,

Congrats on the "Smoke Free" goal reached- keep up the good work!!

Poor Elena- she is so cute though. But I know it's hard- I remember having 9 or 10 teeth gone at once about age 7 or so. One of the men at church nicknamed me snaggletooth LOL. Carson (my little cousin) lost his first one the other day at age 4 so maybe it isn't that rare? Tooth fairy brought the kid $5!! I never got $5 for a tooth!! I always got a dollar or less.....

Give yourself a pat on the back- you deserve it for all you've had to do!

Ro said...

Bless her pretty little heart! I had a mouth full of spaces at about that age and I remember how hard it was! Take lots of pictures of those gaps, before you know it they'll be gone.


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