Friday, May 20, 2005

Fridays Ramblings

It's Friday again, time to ramble on:

Rambling 1: Note the new button on my sidebar for Bravenet. You can get a free counter (lots of templates to choose from) and free stats on your hits, etc. It's easy to use, so go check them out.

Rambling 2: It's cold here today (50) compared to the past week and pouring rain. I'm happy for the rain cause I don't have to water my plants and flowers and it's washing all that damn pollen away. The driveway has streaks of yellow running down it. Yesterday, Elena and I were outside playing (tractor rides, lying in the hammock, etc) and I was sneezing up a storm. My feet had yellow dust all over them (yeah, barefoot again)

Rambling 3: someone else e-mailed me yesterday about making a baby blanket and matching hat for them. They bought the yarn (sigh) and thought they would try to crochet themselves and realized, it's not as easy as they thought (doh!). Anyway, they have two skeins of something (She said it was "amazing yarn", but I believe it's Red Heart, so how "amazing" can it be). I don't know if it'll be enough and I have some stash here to add. But now, what the hell can I charge for this?????????? I would appreciate your input people!

Rambling 4: I hate having orders for work. It takes all the fun out of my crocheting and turns it into a job, although I like the money. My shrug is put off indefinitely til I get this shit done. Of course, I am avoiding hooking cause it's not something "fun"-blah!

Rambling 5: Still smoke free

Rambling 6: There are so many newbies at C'ville I feel lost now. I am officially "out of the loop".

Rambling 7: Working on a secret project with a few fellow C'ville members that's actually fun! I'm excited about this.

Rambling 8: Hopefully no rain tomorrow, I want to go yard saling. Before the trip the weather had been so rainy each weekend, haven't been in ages and wanna go. I love looking at other people's crap and searching for crochet and craft shit at them. I think my husband thinks I'm obsessed, but now he looks just as carefully as I do.

Rambling 9: I don't know if my husband read my blog yesterday (I hope not). Now I feel badly, but I have PMS and cannot be held accountable for my thoughts and actions. Anyway, I brought up "middle of the night nookie" and he stated "it's good for you too, so you shouldn't complain", so this makes it justifiable.

Rambling 10: I totally blew Stashbusters yesterday. I won two mixed yarn lot auctions on eBay and had to order more boucle from Rodney for the paying jobs I have.

I think I'm done for now.


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Natalie said...

Wow this was a mighty informative post - I think I'll go check out Bravenet myself!

Congrats on still being smoke free...

And don't worry about being out of "the" loop, you're in the GOOD loop and that's all that matters, LOL!

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