Friday, May 27, 2005

Fabulous Friday!!!

Yessss-I finally finished the paying jobs-all three of them! Woo-hoo! I get so stressed doing special orders. What if it's not what they envisioned? Anyway, hopefully I'll drop this baby stuff off next week and get paid. She supplied the yarn (RH Baby Clouds) which I hated using. It's so think and looks pilly, but it's what she wanted. I decided to charge her $17.00 since she supplied the yarn (I did use 1/2 a skein of RHSS white for the trim). I don't know if that was too high or too low, just glad it's done-now onto my projects.

I have so much shit I want to do: tank tops for Elena, an awesome beaded crochet tote thanks to Emerald Moon Creations (I have all the stuff for it too!), finish my shrug, start a V-stitch shrug, do some stuff from Modular Crochet, work on a bracelet bag, do some charity baby blankets and some animal snuggles to donate.

I also want to make a Little Star blanket for my girlfriend who is having a boy in September (in camo, of course). I do have to make a baby gift for my mom to give to someone, but I think the sleeper from Chatty will be perfect. See when I make the stuff for gifts, no stress. It's when I feel like I'm on a timetable, even though I'm not, I freak.

Yesterday, I picked up more Freecycle yarn. It's was mostly partial skeins of Homespun and some half skeins of fun-fur type stuff, but also included was a 2 1/2 lb cone of Conshohocken 100% cotton thin softball yarn in natural. I decided to get some tie-dye cords/strings and try to dye some that way. I'm too lazy to try the RIT now and with Elena, it'll make a fun project (I think anyway). If anyone knows of any place I can get more cords, let me know. I got these at Jo-Ann's on clearance and I don't think they had anymore. A search did nothing for me and Dharma Trading is out of em now.

I also decided to use the leftover Homespun and some 3/4 skeins of Homespun and Light n' Lofty I have upstairs to make the shelter snuggles. They want warm blankets for the animals and this will give me a cause and help me clean up my half-skeins stash. I have to really get it organized. Hopefully, we can get some furniture we have in the garage cleaned up and put in the spare room and I can use a dresser or armoire for it. I have some sorted, chenille in one box, cottons in a tote, wool in a tote, charity blankets in another, but most of it is kinda scattered. Plus I wanna admire it!

I don't even know where to start today. I will finish the shrug first, I think.

Anyway, I'm ready for a long weekend with Mike and Elena. Hopefully the weather will hold out (it rained and was 50 all week here and today, finally, sunny and 78). I had hoped to have a pool up, but the yard is still a mess and the stuff has to be moved. My brother can't get anyone til at least next week and I am desperate. Plus I wanna swim!

I hope you all have a fab friday and weekend~


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Vera said...

Cute balnket. I made lots of them with the Baby Clouds and they work up very fast and pretty.

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