Monday, May 02, 2005

Elena Addendum

I had a long talk with Elena's pediatrician this morning. He said the foods she is eating (yogurt, peanut butter and crackers, milk and water) are so healthy, it doesn't matter. He also said not to stress or make a big deal of it because she will play off of that. He promised me she wouldn't starve herself. It's just a stage, her way of controlling a choking issue. He said she'll start to eat and make up for it when she's ready. Positive reinforcement is needed when she eats her yogurt and peanut butter that she didn't choke. Time will pass and she'll eat again.

She isn't having any depression or psychological problems, it's just her way of controlling her situation with fear of choking. DO NOT MAKE A BIG DEAL OF IT.

I feel somewhat better, but not making a big deal of it is easier said than done. Now, to convince my Italian mother that food is not important, another issue.

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laura said...

oh I'm glad that your pediatrician could reassure you. I hope things start getting better soon. It's so hard not to worry even when you know you shouldn't.

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