Friday, May 20, 2005

Does anyone want this incense I made???

Lately, I am in an incense kick. I think it's because I quit smoking and I like the smoky smell. Anyway, I bought this awesome Balinese Patchouly (how they spell it) incense in Florida and I am love with and I have some other scents. However, I made a batch of my own Sandalwood incense and found out, after making it, I am sensitive to it. The smell is too strong for me. I have 50 hand-dipped, freshly made, dried 11" incense sticks I made with my own two hands.

If anyone wants it, post a comment here. I can split it 25/25 depending on how many would like it.

Now, don't embarrass me by not wanting it!


Kari said...

me me me!!!!! love sandlewood

Michelle said...

I'd love some too, Deneen, thanks!

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