Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Do you think I tawk funny????

I called Lori today to wish her well before her surgery and halfway through the conversation she asks me where I was born and where did I grow up? It's obvious to me she thinks I have an accent! Now, she sounds very refined with that West Coast accent. I, on the other hand, sound like a little girl on helium from Philadelphia. When I talked to Ro she had a definite Midwestern accent. Beth made cursing sound classy with her heavy, soft spoken southern accent. She says "Fu** you" and it sounds so nice and sweet.

Anyway, I thought about things today and I guess I do have an accent. I say "Cawfee for coffee", You guys is "youse" and you guys will is Youse'll. I'm sure I have others, but these stand out. My darling daughter pronounces coffee the same as I do. It's oddly endearing.

Lori thought I sounded like her husbands ex-sister in-law Misty from Bayonne. Now, I was insulted. Bayonne! That's North Jersey, New York/Tony Soprano country. I am strictly South Jersey/Philly. You know Stephanie from this past Survivor, I sound like her. When I was watching the show I commented to my husband about how "Philly" she sounded, he rolled his eyes at me as if to say "pot calling the kettle black".

Anyway, although my accent isn't as strong as South Philly, I guess I still have one. BTW, it's bag not sack, soda not pop or tonic, trash can not barrel. I know trash can is right because of the song "Stick out yer can, here comes the garbage man"-barrel wouldn't work there, doesn't rhyme.

My husband, who is from southeast Massachusetts worked to get rid of his accent (New England all the way). He sounds like a freaking newscaster now. However, he still says trash barrel, and occasionally "pock the car" will come out. I go to visit his family and I have to really watch and concentrate on what they are saying cause I can't understand most of it. My nieces and nephew had a dog names "Hunter" and I thought the freaking things name was Hunta for the longest time.

My point is (there is one) that I don't speak with an accent, youse all do!


ThreeOliveMartini said...

awww.. i am not sure any one has ever called me classy LOL.. just kidding ..

you do have an accent but i like it !! .. and i am glad you like mine.. i feel so loved!!

Kari said...

LOL I talk like a hick from the Ozarks. David laughs when we go visit my relatives cuz he says once we get on the dirt road to go home I start talking more and more like a hick. I don't even realize it.

ladylinoleum said...

LMAO...I almost spit out my coffee when I read this post (hard to make it look like I am actually working at my good ole' investment banking job instead of reading my morning blogs).

I have to share the fact that I speak like the native Southern Californian I am, evident in my incessant usage of terms such as: dude; oh, my, god; totally; fer sure; and the ever popular, like. Used altogether in a sentence - Like, Oh, my, God, Dude (spoken as an exclamation) I totally love that sweater you crocheted, fer sure! Yes, I have a Master Degree and yes, I still speak like this!

Jennifa said...

I had to work VERY HARD growing up to grow up accentless....my parents definitely talked like Massachusetts people (My name was "Jennifa" and not "Jennifer") and we lived right on the border of Massachusetts and Rhode Island...try NOT having one. But I somehow managed, and probably sound like a newscaster, too :)

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