Monday, May 02, 2005

The cult angle seemed to work better

Today, I went to my local podink post office instead of the one I usually go to. The one I prefer is about 8 miles away, while this one is only 2. I hate the podink one. The clerk ALWAYS asks what I am mailing, as if it is any of her business. One day I will tell her it's naked boobie shots and that may shut her up, but I doubt it.

Anyway, the bigger and better post office knows me well and jokes about my "cult" activities with swaps, etc. I take my SP packages there and tell them "no postmark" and it's no problem.

Today, laziness won out and I went to the podink one. I have other stuff I am shipping, all already have postage. I hand her a secret pal package, with postage and tell her "no postmark". They have one of the huge stamper things that smashes everything anyway. She looks at me as if I have just asked her to moon someone. She then says "why". I briefly explain it's a secret pal thingy, hence the SP return addy, etc. She is still staring at me as if I am sending out something dangerous. She tells me "no one has ever requested that before". I shrug and tell her if she doesn't want to do it, fine, I'll go to the other post office. She thinks hard. Then, of course, she asks "What is it?" and feels up my package with both hands. My answer is "yarn". Now, she's really at a loss because I am sending yarn to someone, but I don't want them to know who I am??????? At least at the other post office I could just explain it's part of my cult activity and they would just nod and toss it in the first class bin. She agreed, but I have a feeling the package will be x-rayed and the government will be watching my illicit yarn activity for a while.

BTW, I did manage to pack Elena's clothes. She "helped", which meant I packed twice. Anyway, she has a Thomas the Tank Engine zootcase (as she calls it) which she packed for the trip. When she left for school (ten minutes early so the trip would come faster), I peeked. Inside her suitcase was: A Disney Story Book (about the size and weight of a newborn baby), a beanie baby bear, hair detangler, toothpaste, a Blue's Clue's notebook and a pumpkin reflector necklace from Halloween. Obviously, I overlooked this important stuff while I was packing. If only it were so easy.........................


The Shrone said...

Isn't it interesting how we have favorite post offices that are farther away from where we live? I can't stand my local PO so I drive to the next town over where the clerks are women and the parking lot is huge. My local PO has male clerks with crusty attitudes and parking is EVIL and I always wait in line forever.

Sara said...

I've decided that Elena is the most precious child on earth. She strikes me as being quite intelligent. Is this her first trip to Disney?

Deneen said...


She has above average intelligence. The school kept bugging me about having her test out, but I want her to be with kids her own maturity level.

She speaks well, uses big words in the right context and is very intuitive when it comes to things. She scares me sometimes.

This is her first Disney trip and she is beside herself with anticipation. Her school trip is the day after we get back and she's equally as excited about that.

She keeps me on my toes at all times. As an only child, she gets a lot of one on one time, attention and I speak to her as a little adult, so she picks up on things.

(I wish I had your contact info so i could just reply by that instead of here)

Michelle said...

What is it about small town POs? I occasionally ship fish and inevitably I end up getting this same worker every time who apparently forgets every time that you can, in fact, ship fish. How does she think they get to fish stores. She always has to get out the big binder of regulations and go down the list reading out loud all the things that you can't ship.


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