Friday, May 27, 2005

Crochetville Wish List, Christmas in July and Lori

I am preparing to start up the Christmas in July wish list on Crochetville. I think list listing will last 2 weeks and then you have a month to send to someone, hence Christmas in July. The Christmas Wish List was successful last year, but I wish there was a way to make sure everyone gets something. I thought about assigning people together where they would have to buy one thing on their person's list and then gift as they wanted to ensure everyone was included, but it seems to strict and regimented that way. It's not supposed to cause any hurt feeling or stress, but I know it does.

Lori will be helping me run it if she is feeling better and we are trying to think of a fun twist on it, but can't come up with a darn thing. Anyone have any ideas???????? Please, please let me know.

Speaking of Lori, she's home. I received an e-mail from her moments ago letting me know she was finally home and getting settled in tonight. Hopefully she will rest up and be able to post and let us know how things are.

I also deleted my wish list from Crochetville. The Christmas in July thing is coming up and it seemed too greedy to me to have two lists, but that's my feelings and my opinions and aren't meant to make anyone feel greedy or bad. I just have been very uncomfortable with having myself on the list. I know some people are hurt and some people receive more than others and cannot control that. While I am thrilled to get RAOK's and I adore every one of them, I also feel a bit embarrassed when I receive them and, again, I don't know why. I guess what I am saying is that if someone knows me and wants to surprise me, wonderful and thank you, but I don't want anyone to feel obligated to send me anything.

I should be posting more about the Christmas in July list soon. I would appreciate any suggestions you may have. Donna will be setting up a thread shortly on C'ville and I will keep you posted.

Have a wonderful night!


Natalie said...

The Xmas in July thing will be fun, I haven't decided if I will go in or not though. Good luck with trying to find a twist, I'm clueless.

For that Divine - do you have Dec issue (i think) of Crochet Fantasy?? They have a pattern for a *really* cute cowled sweater... that uses Divine... Email me if you don't have it.

Btw - I'm on row 15 of the Seraphina... she's so pretty... and the yarn has puffed up to the size of a basketball, at least!

noricum said...

I'm pretty busy with the RAOK, but let me know if you need anything. Oh... and feel free to leave your list up on RAOK too! :)

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