Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Boatload of yarn and more!!

Yesterday, I had a yarngasm. It's my new word and I intend to use it a lot, so adjust! I received three yarn packages yesterday, all eBay stuff, including Rodney's Specialty Yarns. First of all, from Rodney, more of the jewel tone boucle at half of what I paid from Melanie (sorry guys, but I had to say it). I also got some astro-dyed chenille in jewel tones and, as usual, he sent me a sample cone (about 1/2 lb) of some astro-dyed chili pepper chenille that is awesome. He always adds something extra. I do love his service and I know I bug him, but he does rock!

I also won a few auctions and they came in. There was some Reynold's Morocco linen/cotton yarn, 100 yards, but still nice. Also some Lang Filo is a pretty variegated purple perfect for a tank for Elena. The other box was a lot that included some Cotton-Ease in a baby blue (Elena tank again), as well as some acrylic, etc I can use for other projects.

I think the total spent was about $30 and I received about $75 to $100 dollar value of yarn, so I was thrilled, hence the yarngasm!

I'll try and post some pics later today.

I'm working on the last poncho and this one is moving along wonderfully. I switched from a crystallites hook to a Brittany and for some reason it's making it faster and easier.

I've been having knitting dreams. Yes, knitting dreams. In the past few, I am holding knitting needles and am knitting away. I don't get it cause, I don't knit!!!!!!

I realize why knitters feel superior to crocheters, it's the yarn. I've been cruising the RAOK blogs and I realize these people use some expensive ass yarn. They don't buy in bulk like I (we) do and they don't buy Lion brand either. It's the expensive shit that's like $40 a skein and they think that's okay. That is way out of my league. I still haven't been to any LYS other than the chains since I started hooking cause they're aren't any near me. I like the looks of the pricey yarn, but can't afford it and think I can find plenty of nice enough stuff on eBay and at AC Moore. Of course, if anyone has any of it lying around, just send it my way and I'll let you know if I change my mind (LOL). I want a few skeins of the alpaca, shimmer or shine from Knit Picks, but am being my same old cheapy self and not ordering it. I just look at it and say, maybe soon. I need the instant gratification of either the yarn right there or a steal on the price, neither of which I am getting from ordering from a catalog.

Anyway, enough of my rant. I have things to do, yarn to work up and coffee to drink.

Squeezes and yarngasms to all!


jess said...

You know, I check the rowan yarns when I go to my LYS and I just ... don't get it. I certainly spend plenty on nice yarn at times (see koigu, jo sharp, lorna's laces), but I dunno.

I love the hank of shimmer I have! So soft! I also love elegance -- it works up beautifully (now I just need to figure out what to do with 200g of it). At least the knit picks yarns are decent quality and inexpensive (sure it's catalog ordering, but free shipping and the prices are cheaper than buying at ac moore) -- my rationalization.

Beth said...

Hi Fellow RAOKer! I know what you mean about the expensive yarns. I'm a knitter, but have a hard time justifying the expense too. I will tell you, I'ma repeat buyer from KnitPicks. Even though it's a catalog/online store, hands down they have some of the best prices and excellent quality. And their customer service is great too. I still use Lion Brand and buy yarn at Michaels too.

I just finished a scarf for my niece's christmas present using KnitPicks Andean Silk (alpaca, silk, merino blend). It was only $3.29/skein and I used less than 2 for the scarf. Not a bad deal!

Now, I'm off to check out Rodney's stuff - thanks for the link and recommendation.

ladylinoleum said...

I love that word...yarngasms. I am going to steal that one.

I am totally like you with regard to yarn and prices. I use dreaded acrylic (Red Hart)and Sugar and Cream cotton. I love that I can buy 3 lb. cones of Sugard and Cream for $9 to $12. Now, my splurges are using hand-dyed crochet thread, but even those are like $8 for 50 yards (not great, but not $40 either!). I get DMC perle cotton for a steal at Herrschner's. I am a cheap yarn junkie. And anyway, when crocheting nekked chickens, it's not the yarn that matters, it's the svelte chicken form!

Brie said...

I'm a cheap yarn junkie, too. I just don't see paying $45 for 50 grams of yarn just because of the name. It's crazy! Plus, if you look around on eBay you're bound to find it at half price or less. I love me some ebay.

Jennifa said...

Great word!

I use everything really, but lately, *whispers* I don't like Red heart as much as I used to. :( I saw the yarn future, and it is Knit Picks. The stuff feels SO nice. Even if you just buy 30 dollars worth to get the free shipping, you will NOT regret it, I promise. I used some of the Elegance, and made my knit tank out of the Shine. I will buy TONS of Shine. It's just a perfect, perfect feeling yarn for machine washable (!!!) yarn. And the sheen. I had a yarngasm when I got my first order.

And Lion Brand and I have gone our seperate ways since they discontinued Cotton-Ease. We're not speaking. lol

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