Wednesday, April 13, 2005

WIP Wednesday

Well, I finished the poncho from the Leisure Arts book (pic above) using the yarn that Beth RAOK'd me with. It only used 1 1/2 "cakes" so I've decided to wind some with some thing fuschia cotton chenille I bought off Melanie and make a shawl or poncho with it. This is a lightweight yarn, very thin and colors are lavender, purple and fuschia. It washed and dried fine, but I still haven't figured out what to call it. I think I'll give this poncho to my SIL. (No muff or boobie cracks please-she's my only mannequin)

Well, with how much I got done last week, my WIP is wimpy. I am starting another wristbag today AND a charity baby blanket(yes, two things girls). I want to make another CH poncho, the Plymouth poncho with some thin boucle I bought off Melanie, the shrug I bought off LaVonne with some Microspun..............lately the list is endless.

I still haven't received my shawl/poncho from the swap on C'ville yet, hopefully any day......

Elena is feeling better, antibiotics were the answer.

I have my buttons sorted and packaged, now to send em off (Button Swap-C'ville)

I cleaned my bathrooms from top to bottom yesterday, including getting in the tub and scrubbing the walls. Today, it's the kitchen. At this rate, I will be done the heavy cleaning by Friday. Of course there's the office--the absolute worst room in the house. It's also the spare bedroom and has all my soap/candle making stuff in it, the computer, eBay stuff, clean, folded clothes, Elena's craft stuff-the list is endless and I don't know where to even start in here. You cannot see the top of the bed. I always put off the worst for last cause if I do it first, I will lose steam fast.

Oh yeah, new Elenaism--she "passed gas" yesterday and announced she had "sliced the cheese". She also calls SBD (silent but deadly) Quiet but deadly. She is a plethora of anecdotes (like those big words)

Anyway, back to my coffee.......



Kari said...

love the poncho.

Sheila said...

Excellent job on the poncho and congrats on more than one project! LOL! The real funny is going to be when Elena gets into a restaurant and announces that she "sliced the cheese". Guess my nephew was kind enough to embarrass my brother in the local Pizza Hut by announcing, "Dad! I farted!!" Of course, it couldn't have been busier in the restaurant at the time. Thankfully, brother's girlfriend taught him to say, "Oh my!" whenever he had the urge to announce his gas problem. Out of the mouths of babes, I guess!

Tina said...

That's funny that you say "Elanaism" (Is that Elaina, or Alana? I almost named my third one Elanna, like Alana. But he was a boy...we name him Eon, and we always say he speaks in "Eonese". (Elanaism...) Pretty funny... Love the poncho!

ThreeOliveMartini said...

ohh that DID turn out nice..

did the yarn soften? i am dying to know.. I havent made anything with that yarn yet.. I am thinking maybe with something else and making a bag..

Ro said...

gorgeous work, Deneen, you are so good at sweaters and ponchos!!!

Glad Elena is better, poor little kid. She has to get all better to enjoy your trip!!!

big hugs!!

Jewels said...

damn Deneen, you busted me - I was going to say something about the naked white albino girl modelling your oh so pretty poncho! lol

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