Thursday, April 14, 2005

Thursday Thoughts

Well, I have to get to another wrist bag. My mother is bugging me like crazy for one. I have to do that today, must.

I am supposed to pick up some yarn today from someone on Freecycle. I posted a "want ad" two months ago and she contacted me a few days ago. Now, I did this a while ago and my husband picked it up for me and it was some "vintage crapola". Browns, rusts, gold (from Sears no less), so I hope this is better. The other stuff was stickyish and ewwww.

She lives about 20 minutes away in the middle of nowhere. I have directions, but dread having to drive to unknowns deep in the Pine Barrens. She claims she has skeins she got from a knitting store that was closing, as well as "biggggg balls of factory yarn"-her words, not mine. We shall see. When I read about others who received awesome yarn from Freecycle I am envious and a little skeptical. I'll post about it once I get it.

Elena is eating Skittles for breakfast. I know it's not a good breakfast, but she eats candy so rarely, I let her eat em. She has lost her baby tummy now. She's so tall for her age (up to my elbow and I'm 5'4") and so thin now. I can't believe how quickly time has gone by. Note to new mommies, enjoy it now! Time goes by so darn fast, it makes your head spin.

I'm on a diet now. Kinda South Beach. I eat cereal for brunch (big ass bowl too) and then have dinner. No carbs after 4:00 PM. It doesn't help that we have a ton of ice cream in the freezer, but I have lost 4 lbs in a week. We did this before and it worked out well, so we shall see. Of course, my husband lost 6 lbs, but that is so like a man to lose faster.

I AM quitting smoking. I read Kari's post yesterday and she is so dead on. I will pick a date and just do it. I haven't smoked in my home in 7 years and quit when pregnant, but I have to just stop. I hate it, truly do. I am worried about weight gain, I admit that is what holds me back. I don't smoke that much, really I don't, but I cannot gain weight. I won't.

I'm down to 5 mg alternated with 0 mg of Prednisone now and feel better. No pain pills in over a week. I actually feel better on the 0 mg day, so go figure. I will find out about final taper on the 29th.

Gotta go, things to do!



Sheila said...

I am working on quitting smoking myself. I joined an online program through the American Heart Association called "Freedom From Smoking". You work on one module every other day (to give you time in between to do the exercises). They recommend you pick a date that is 3 weeks into the future. Email me if you're interested in the link. Sheila

Kathy said...

Just take it one day at a time, wake up and say 'I won't smoke today.' My grandfather did it that way for 47 years. No worries about can I do this forever, just choose today not to smoke. If you slip, no big fuss, just tomorrow, choose not to smoke for one day.

Anonymous said...

HEy. first time reading you. a comment about the wieght thing, prednisone causes wieght gain. So dont worry about only losing 4 a week. ITs safer that way, and once your clear off it, im sure itll be fine. PS. Also loved the preemie blankie. (oh and i am a blogger, but you can find me at Http:// )

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