Monday, April 25, 2005

She ate and other happy things.....

Thanks for all your comments. I figured it's a phase. She had that choking incident and is NOT a risk taker. She told me today she figured if she never ate, she would never choke again-problem solved. Sometimes I wish she wasn't so analytical and intelligent (for a 5 year old).

I did make her some of her old-standby favorite, vegetable stew. I just didn't use peas and smushed the food up a bit. She claimed "there is no way I am hungry", but I heated it up and put it out and after about ten minutes she started to sniff around and look at the bowl. After assurances that there were no peas with skins, she ate it. Took her longer than usual, each bite carefully inspected and chewed but she ate it all. Then, after we got back from running errands, I made her a PB & J sandwich and just left it on her little table. She moseyed on over and ate half of it proclaiming, "I can eat two kinds of foods without choking". So we'll see. And yes, Ro, she does have loose teeth. At one point she had four, she lost one and now has three that are loose. Being a kid must really suck sometimes.

My mother commented that "you and your brother never went through that stage" (Implying she was a somewhat better mother.) But as I recall, we had no choices ever. If we didn't eat, we had to sit at the table til we finished and it didn't matter if it was four hours. I also remember holding out and being served what I didn't eat for breakfast. So yes, I had a pretty scary and lousy childhood, but for some reason my mother thinks all she did was out of love. Whatever...........................The food problems were the least of my childhood problems. I have no silver lining for this. If I discussed any of this on my blog, I would lose readers left and right and need a straight jacket for myself. Kinda forgive and kinda bury is my motto (but, no I cannot forget).

My mother also asked if I thought my daughter was "depressed". I guess it's possible, but she's not eating cause she doesn't want to, it's because she's afraid to choke. And no ma, no one called her fat and she's starving herself thin. She's smart, but not that cunning. But thanks Ma for putting new, scary thoughts in my head.

I did work on two dishcloths for the C'ville swap. New patterns from a book I got. I also am almost done a "secret project". I don't know what I'll start next. I want to do that barrel bag Kymberlina did on C'ville. It would be perfect for a crochet bag. I just don't know what I feel like getting "into" this week.

I received some buttons from Fiona today on a nifty card. I will post the pic tomorrow, I promise.

So thank you all for your concern and comments, they helped, I feel much better now (kinda, in a way)



Ro said...

yayyyy. so happy to hear it! vegetable stew...mmm, always wanted to try making it without beef in it, have a recipe I can try? *batting eyelashes pleadingly*

kitty has a loose eye tooth right now. first one in awhile. her top ones have been slow to come out. she's lost the middle two but that's it so far. she's lost four on the bottom and this is the first eye tooth. being a kid does suck sometimes, i feel so sorry for the little kiddos. will have to post a story on my blog about my own adventures with loose teeth as a child you'll love it.

mothers should...i don't know. they just should. or shouldn't, as the case may be. i really think D that we were separated at birth and really have the same mother...*hug* i can't give you solutions but i can give you my total empathy and understanding!

i got my buttons all packed up tonight...can't wait to mail them wednesday! hopefully they'll make it to you before your trip. hopefully mine from fiona will be in my box on wednesday when i get there! :D


Marla said...

Hi Deneen,

Glad to hear Elena's getting over her "fear" of eating (if that's what it was)- tell her to expect some mail this week- have it all ready to take to the PO tomorrow.

Tried to post a comment earlier but somehow blogger ate it!!

Laura said...

Hey Deneen,
Thanks again for signing up to volunteer! I've been lurking around your blog today and I've enjoyed reading it. Glad to hear that your daughter is eating. She'll probably do better with time. Best of luck.

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