Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Ro's Butterfly Preemie Blanket for the NICU

I finished this tonight. It's such an easy pattern, works up quickly. I did cross-stitch the eyes on with yarn cause I felt like it!

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I used Ro's pattern for the blanket and will add it to the pile we're taking up to Philly on the 29th to the NICU at Jefferson Hospital (where my Elena was born). I'll make a hat to match tomorrow.

I used Bernat Softee Chunkee in their rose color and the body was done with Caron Simply Soft in white. I did use an H hook instead of a G hook for the wings because Lori sent me a Clover Soft touch Hook in size H and I only have Brittany hooks in size I-M, so now I look for H-hook patterns cause I can't stand using the aluminum hooks anymore!

Thanks Ro for the awesome pattern and all your good work!!



Ro said...

Squeeeeeeel! What a day it's been for me...Deneen seeing your butterfly is making me cry! I love the little eyes! Thanks too for catching my typos LOL. I fixed them, think I got them all now.

I hope they like the blanket at the NICU...I know they will love all the others you've done. You do so much for so many people in so many ways. Thank you, you're a gem! :)


Ro said...

Oh, p.s., the H hook may even be better...because the smaller the holes the less likely that the NICU will have issues with the blankets getting stuck in equipment. I love the colors you picked!


Vera said...

What a lovely blanket! I have dozens of hooks, but the Clover Soft Touch is by far my favorite!

I have a set from C-J and several steel hooks

Funny, I keep losing my H hook.

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