Friday, April 22, 2005

Ro got me thinking......

Ro got me thinking about micropreemie hats. I did some sets to take up to the NICU next Friday. Preemie blankets w/matching hats. I realized I had no extra hats or micropreemie hats, so off I went. I went through my scrap baby yarn and whipped up the two lower ones this AM. Each took about 15 minutes and I guess I'll be doing a bunch more til next Friday. The red and white hat is a regular newborn size. The Monet and white is preemie and the all white one is micropreemie. It saddens me to make this, but I know they need them at the NICU. When Elena was born, all the hats were so big on her, they fell over her eyes. She was a preemie, not a micropreemie. The micropreemie hat fits a baby's head the size of a golfball.

I used Bev's Country Cottages's hat pattern and just made it a lot smaller using a smaller hook, changing band size and rows.

Well, back to hooking (it's a thankless job, but someone must do it)


Natalie said...

You're doing such a great thing with these sets, Deneen!

Hope you're cheered up soon, I'm sending hugs your way!

emy said...

Hi Deneen,

Laura is hosting a Preemie Project at if you wish to join!

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