Monday, April 18, 2005

OMG Can the day be any better????

What a gorgeous day!. It's supposed to get to 73 here, light breeze, absolutely, positively wonderful! I wish the weather was like this all the time. Of course, by Wednesday, it's supposed to go up to 85 (I like 70's). No air conditioning, no heat!!

Above are some pics of my bootay from AC Moore (wristbags and dishcloths), as well as the awesome blogger gift from Vera!!

Of course, I bought some yarn off eBay last night. Not from Melanie either. Some cotton chenille, some rayon chenille (so cheap, I couldn't pass it up) and some boucle, chenille and lurex blend. His prices were great and shipping was great, so I'll let ya know how it went when I receive it. He has 100% feedback. His ebay store is Rodney's Specialty Yarns.

I also bought more purse handles off of Yesterday and Today on eBay. I bought some last week and for the price ("can you say cheap") and selection, I love em.

I am working on the Fleuri Bag Julie designed for the last issue of Crochet Me! (She also did a great fulled bag in this latest). This is so cute and I bought this hot pink yarn from AC Moore a while ago in their mill ends, which is perfect. The yarn was too scratchy for use for clothing and I'll have enough to do another bag as a gift (hence the handle shopping last night). The translucent pink 5" rings go perfectly! I may line it, but that means dragging out the sewing machine, etc. The machine and I do not see eye to eye as far as threading the bobbin, etc. It's only a few years old and I have used it, but am not "into" the whole sewing aspect. But, I do have some fabric that will match, so we'll see how inspired I am. The machine has to be taken into the dining room and I sew on the table in there, so it's not the most comfy thing to do.

Oh yes, to answer the flip flop question: They are much more comfy with the fun fur. I should wrap some around the thingy that goes between my toes also. But I can wear them now and did wear them to the bus stop, but won't wear them in public yet til I polish up my toenails!

I have to run now, to the post office and drugstore I go (alone, yippee!!)



Sheila said...

Sounds like you are having one great day! Congratulations! Sheila

Vera said...

I love the colors of Sugar and Creme that you got--so bright and cheerful.

I'm glad your Elena likes the cloths. I went though a mad dishcloth phase a while back, and made lots of them. I think I have that big book of dishcloths too--somewhere.

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