Saturday, April 02, 2005

Oh what a difference a day makes

What a shitty ass day! The winds are howling and it's been raining all day. We all took a nap today cause it's so glomy out. Now, I feel groggy as heck.

I'm not going away this weekend, Elena's not up to par.

The damn cocoon has bit me in the ass. Almost done (really this time). Just a few more rows on the froggeed sleeves and a rose and it's done, but it's too big for me. I did the measurements exactly like I was told, but perhaps should have gone down a hook size. Well that's three weeks and 6 skeins of yarn wasted or maybe not. Perhaps I can save it and try to sell it at a craft show in the fall. I would make another, but use the smaller hook and main directions. Oh well, live and learn. When I can get up enough money to purchase 6 skeins of yarn I would like to use, I'll do it then. I have more notes scribbled on my pattern sheets which I should try and decipher tomorrow. I will post a pic by Monday also, promise.

Next I will move on to a few fast projects, like some baby washcloths to add to the blankies for charity. I want to do an AJ Wrist Bag too. Also a surprise for my SP. Oh yes, a shawl for me and the scarf for the swap. I ordered some yarn for that, so I'll wait til that's in. I must have 8 patterns stacked in my "to make" box............

I also signed up for the Secret Pal for the Summer Swap at Crochetville. This past swap was my first and it's been fun.

As you can see I also signed up for the FIBER RAOK ring. So, if anyone from there is reading, HI!

Well, back to the cocoon (or that damn cocoon, as it shall now be called)


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