Sunday, April 17, 2005

Oh no, shopping again!

Well, we had $140.00 in gift cards from Home Depot from past holidays, birthdays, etc and we went and bought plants for outside. When all was said and done, we spent an extra $20 and still want more flowers. We weeded and added soil to the big ring around our flag pole and planted Phlox, petunias and pansies. We also bought two rhododenruns for the back and some tomato and pepper plants for pots. Then, of course, I had to buy more Provence Lavender, thyme, parsley and spearmint plants. I did all but the lavender in pots for inside. The mint is by itself cause it takes over everything in the garden. All are planted, except for rhodo's and veggies. I need more soil for the veggies, tomorrow is another day. I also picked up a huge Boston Fern for my upstairs bathroom. Spending those gift cards are like playing with play money, you just keep throwing stuff in. All in all I planted 68 flowers, 5 herbs and am so darn tired. Plus, the Italian in me (I've previously mentioned my Grandmom Marie, may she rest in peace, never wore shoes at home) anyway, I start out wearing gardening gloves and flip flops. I can't stand planting with gloves, so off they come. My hands are so torn up, Burt's Bees Gardener's Soap and 4 coating of cream haven't put a dent in them. Also, the flip flops come off and I walk through the soil barefoot. It just feels right. Now, my feet are so torn up I could sand wood with them. I'm becoming my grandmom with every passing year! (I promise, no sleeveless housedresses though). When my husband saw the flip flops come off, he said "what are you, some old Italian housewoman?". What was my answer "You knew that when ya married me, so just shut up and hand me that plant over there". He just shakes his head. He doesn't know what growing old with me will be like, but I think he's learning.

Of course, a trip to Home Depot means stopping at AC Moore, they are right next door. They had the Sugar and Cream yarns for $0.97 a ball, so I picked up 8 balls, 4 different colors. I also had the 40% off coupon (2 of em) and picked up another Clover Soft Touch hook in I and a 99 patterns book of all dishcloths. I picked up some clay tools for when I make some handles for my aluminum hooks and got a size 0 steel hook (I needed the 7, not 0 for the Crochet Me! bookmark). I was looking for another Soft Touch hook in size G, but they were sold out.

My hubby paid for the yarn and hooks, so I was happy and it made the long ass day more tolerable.

I'm working on the Fleuri Bag from Crochet Me! and can't wait til it's done. I had some mill ends I picked up in a hot pink color that was too scratchy for clothing, so it all worked out.

I also received a package yesterday from Vera. I was the 700th commenter on her blog and won a prize. I won two beautiful handmade dishcloths (saw the patterns in my new book, on same page), a pretty postcard from Charleston, SC, a skein of Crystal Palace cotton chenille in turquoise blue, perfect for facecloths. I also received four pattern books: Ponchos, Q-Hook afghans, Placemats and a ripple ghan book. I loved everything. I promise to post a pic of it tomorrow, when I am not so tired.

I must run, Elena's hungry, I want to shower, do some never ending laundry and sweep the kitch. Oh yeah, cook dinner too! What I really want to do is shower and go to bed, but that's not about to happen.


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