Monday, April 04, 2005

My finished bag.....

I finished the AJ's Wrist Bag pattern (link a few posts down) and love it. I did it in cotton, but then saw on C'ville some one did it in wool, but didn't full it. Well, the next one I do will be done in wool and I will full it. I've decided if I make the straps a bit longer that it won't matter if the bag is smaller (to me anyway). Now I am brainstorming.......

Before I do another, I must get my SP reveal project done. I just didn't want to start something big, I wanted a quickie after "The Cocoon".

Now, like the freaking lunatic I can be, I am here doing this at 10:45 cause I'm so happy to be done a project so quickly, I had to post and put up a pic. I am so damn dorky at times, I embarrass myself thinking about it.

Also, I heard from my C'ville Poncho/Shawl Swap partner and she sent out my Poncho/Shawl. No hints or nothing! I can't wait to see it!

I must go to bed now.......Squeezes

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Sheila said...

Well, either you're not dorky, or I'm dorky with you because since I'm still trying new stuff with crochet (finding my niche), I post pics of everything...finished, in progress, or "goofs". I tell myself that its good to show I can screw up and still pick up a hook and try it again. My goal is to inspire people to start crocheting and show that so what? I screwed up! No big deal. Get back on the horse. Love the bag. Gee, did you do all that in one night? What are the approximate measurements? Me Likey!!!

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